Best 9 Fitness Apps Users Love In 2023

Saloni Sardana


There are three times as many obese people as there were in 1975, and the fitness industry is valued at $32 billion USD today.

Is the world dividing itself into fit and husky because of all the McDonald’s meals we consume?

Fitness markets show no sign of slowing and, with gyms re-opening in post-Covid vaccination countries, the fitness app market (currently worth around US $4.4 billion) has plenty of room for growth.

Learn from the features, the UX design, and how these apps enable users to achieve slimmer, stronger, healthier bodies on the market today, if you’re considering launching your own fitness app.

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1. FitnessPal


With its launch in 2005, MyFitnessPal is the original calorie-counting app. This app gives users a straightforward set of tools for tracking the calories they consume (by eating, living, and exercising) along with the calories they expend (by living, breathing, and exercising). It is based on the simple principle of calories-in-calories-out.

If a food isn’t already in the database (which is rare), users can manually enter the information. MyFitnessPal users can search its vast database of foods to catalog each meal. A user can also scan the barcode on prepared foods to automatically fill in the relevant fields. All they need to do is update their serving size.

MyFitnessPal’s success was due to what?

  • Database of exceptional food that has been analyzed and found to have a high degree of accuracy by experts
  • Easy integration with other devices and apps (e.g., Apple Watch, Fitbit).
  • An online message board where people can share their fitness data with friends for accountability, and connect with others on the same fitness journey

2. A workout program by Planet Fitness


There are several free fitness apps available, but Planet Fitness is one of the best. With over 2000 gyms across the United States, including a few in Canada and Mexico, Planet Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in North America. It’s free because it serves as a marketing tool.

Designed to compete against 24-Hour Fitness and other reasonably priced gym chains, Planet Fitness offers tremendous value. Additionally, they took measures to create a safe environment during the Covid-19 outbreak, including requiring masks, moving cardio machines more than six feet apart, and enforcing strict cleaning procedures. In addition, they launched a program for people to exercise at home, so they could stay engaged during lockdowns.

In addition to tracking workouts, the app offers Planet Fitness members a host of other benefits, such as a tracker that shows members when their gyms are busy and when it’s best to work out. Not only will this keep members engaged, but it will also allow the club to operate at its optimal capacity so resources can be maximized.

Planet Fitness App: What made it successful?

  • Encourage regular exercise with a progress tracker
  • Prerecorded cardio and weight training guidance from trainers
  • When the gym is at capacity, a crowd meter will alert users

3. Fitness+ is an Apple product


A free 3-month trial of Apple Fitness+ follows the purchase of an Apple Watch. Due to the fact that it was specifically designed for the Apple Watch, Apple Fitness+ is one of the most effective fitness apps for the device. It tracks heart rate, steps, and other vitals seamlessly with the Apple Watch, as you can imagine.

It also offers guided meditation sessions, new workouts each week, and guidance on different workout routines, including Pilates, strength training, and yoga. After all, a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body.

How did Apple Fitness+ succeed?

  • The Apple ecosystem, including the wearable Apple Watch, is perfectly suited for the app
  • Any Apple device can be used to stream training videos
  • With Apple, you get a clean, uncluttered user experience

4. Fitting


In addition to tracking workouts of all kinds, including cardio training, Jefit is also especially popular with people who focus on weight lifting.

The app allows users to search for exercises based on the major muscle group that they are working on. Users can then learn proper form for many strength-training exercises by searching for exercises based on the major muscle groups they build. They will be able to accomplish this no matter whether they have access to fancy gym machines (like the “thigh abductor” or the “seated leg curl”) or whether they only have dumbbells.

All kinds of variations on crunches, pushups, and other exercises can be done with just their bodies.

With the paid version of Jefit, you can learn proper techniques and customize a workout with video guidance, and the free version offers some great features. It is still an impressive free fitness app, however, as it lets you build your own workouts, access workout plans created by professionals, and view animations demonstrating proper form.

Jefit’s success can be attributed to what?

  • Newbie lifters will benefit from clear, helpful animations
  • Every exercise under the sun is included in this comprehensive database
  • Plan your workout with the help of an expert

5. Fitbit


The best part about Google Fit is that it integrates with a mind-blowing number of apps and wearables. While it might seem like just another fitness app (good for tracking activities, logging workouts, etc.), it’s more than that.

The purpose of Google Fit is to serve as a hub for all your fitness devices and apps. For instance, say you use MyFitnessPal for tracking your food, an Apple Watch for tracking your steps, and Jefit for tracking your weight loss. Your health and workout history can be compiled into one place by Google Fit, and it can then provide customized advice based on it. And yes, Google Fit is available on iOS too!

Is there a secret to the success of Google Fit?

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) collaborated with Google to provide users with health coaching tips
  • It can become a workout hub for anyone with flawless integrations (software and hardware)
  • It is easier to use this product if you connect it with other Google products (such as Google Calendar)

6. Fitness 8


While 8Fit offers plenty of workouts, its main focus is holistic health. While it contains plenty of workouts, it is more about staying healthy than getting big and buff.

You can do workouts at home, choose your own recipes and meal plans, and even listen to guided meditations from 8Fit’s library. 8Fit also offers articles in the following categories:

  • Eating healthy and following a meal plan are examples of nutrition (e.g., diet plans).
  • Yoga, strength training, and home workouts are all examples of fitness
  • Pregnancy, parenting, self-care, sleep, etc.
  • A variety of recipes, such as vegan, keto, easy meals, and desserts (e.g., vegan, keto)

8Fit’s success can be attributed to what?

  • Integrating holistic wellness into every aspect of life
  • A large collection of articles
  • Any lifestyle can benefit from these workouts

7. Fitness tracker


Outdoor athletes prefer to run, bike, and walk instead of spending their time in a gym, so Strava is the app to use. However, users can still track weight training, ellipticals, and exercise bikes using Strava as well. You can tell if you visit Strava’s website that in-door training isn’t the main focus of their brand. Strava’s website features men and women who look athletic taking epic bike rides and running miles.

Using Strava, athletes can analyze their performance, track their workouts, and follow their friends’ workouts. Strava’s GPS tracker and calorie counter are accurate and provide a reasonable estimate of calories burned.

The secret to Strava’s success?

  • Outdoor athletics are a special focus
  • Tracking device with GPS that is amazing
  • Analysis of workouts in depth

8. Train with Nike


At Revinfotech, we’ve worked with Nike before, designing and building the website for advertising the world’s largest half marathon.

Our previous relationship with this sportswear giant had nothing to do with making our top 10 list, however. Fitness trackers like this are among the best on the market. It offers a wide variety of workouts (yoga, HIIT, strength training, etc.) that make it a great fitness tracker.

Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award awarded Nike Training Club 4.9 out of 5 stars, so don’t take our word for it.

What makes Nike Training Club such a unique app?

  • Workouts for all levels
  • Your health can be improved by reading these articles
  • All users can access it for free (before the pandemic, it was a paid service, but Nike made it free during the pandemic, and it will remain that way going forward).

9. I Am Healthy


While HealthifyMe has a DIY fitness tracker component, it also gives users access to nutritionists and personal trainers as fitness coaches. It competes with other fitness tracker apps with an interesting approach. Ria, the app’s AI fitness coach, can help users who cannot afford a nutritionist select the right meals and plan workouts that help them achieve their goals. Ria can help users select the right meals and plan workouts that help them achieve their goals.

HealthifyMe stands out for what it offers.

  • Coaching and tools to help you train and eat right, as well as nutrition coaching
  • Health- and fitness-related articles, plus health- and fitness-related articles
  • Excellent UX design elements make this product highly usable



The platform tracks diet and exercise as well as mindfulness training (like yoga and meditation).

Subscribers to the app can get online consultations with medical doctors, and they have access to live classes and private training sessions as well. In addition, offers a vast library of resources to learn about health at all levels, making it a one-stop shop for healthy living.’s success can be attributed to what made it successful.

  • All aspects of health are taken into consideration
  • Providers of online medical consultations
  • Various time zone-compatible workout classes available online

Fitness Apps: How to stand out

You’re entering a potentially lucrative market if you’re thinking about creating your own fitness app.

You must offer something that stands out in a crowded market.

Nevertheless, each fitness app on this list has its own brand identity, and each top fitness app does something special. This doesn’t mean you have to create a fitness app that is completely unique. From the apps on this list, you see there are lots of overlap in features and even niches. Every successful software product has its own “killer app.” That is what we call that “something special” in software development.

Jefit’s killer feature is its weight training animations. Strava’s killer feature is its GPS tracker. Google Fitness’ killer app is connecting all of your fitness apps together.

What kind of fitness solution would you like to introduce to the market? You could highlight special features, focus on specific workout niches (such as High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT), or anything else you think will gain you a competitive advantage.

Our specialists at Revinfotech are ready to assist you once you have an idea and want to move forward. Based on existing technology, your budget, and the features you hope to include in your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we’ll provide you with an honest assessment of your project’s feasibility. Join the bandwagon! We provide the best mobile app development services in the area.

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