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Re-defining DeFi Development Services

Self-governed blockchain platforms for finance

Developing the DeFi Platform:

A new paradigm for financial services

A total value locked (TVL) of USD 40 billion was locked in theDeFi Development by June 2022. It is imperative that organizations, including legacy financial institutions and non-traditional entrants, take advantage of this disruptive technology to redefine their business strategies as the DeFi Development space continues to grow.

The evolving financial market will benefit organizations that take advantage of DeFi Development now. An organization can tailor an approach to identify and seize opportunities related to its future business strategies with the help of a reliable DeFi development company.

With our expertise, you will be able to navigate towards the DeFi world.

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Services needed for DeFi development:

Using the Conventional Process to Overcome Problems

A number of inefficiencies plague the antiquated financial ecosystem, including centralized control, delayed transfers, frauds, risks, uncontrollable volatility, and inaccessible financial services.

Through innovative technology and automation, DeFi Development replicates financial services such as banking, lending and borrowing, trading, and more. Using the peer-to-peer model, institutional participants retain control over their assets without having to rely on intermediaries.

Process Simplification

Direct transactions between participants are made possible by DeFi, which reduces the need for intermediaries.

Process Automation

Using smart contracts, organizations can automate and accelerate their processes.

Reduced Transaction Cost

Participants reduce transaction costs by engaging in peer-to-peer transactions.

Increased Control

Assets are stored in non-custodial wallets, giving users greater control over their assets.


Transparency is enhanced through DeFi's Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Faster Settlement

With DeFi applications, settlement times can be reduced from T+1 to T+0, i.e. instantly.


By providing access to financial services to the underbanked or unbanked population, DeFi promotes financial inclusion.

Innovation Enablement

Through DeFi's open, permissionless, and programmable architecture, users can create their own financial instruments and services.

Our DeFi Development Services

With a variety of offerings, we can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

DAO Development

We at Revinfotech offer comprehensive services to create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) so that your organization does not need a centralized administrative entity. Our team takes care of every aspect of creating an all-inclusive DAO – from the creation of governance tokens and utility tokens to the development of smart contracts.

Decentralized Derivatives Development

A smart contract based on Ethereum can be used to tokenize any kind of asset, such as bonds, fiat currencies, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. In order to tap into the DeFi market, our blockchain engineers and finance experts create tokenized derivatives that are based on the performance of the underlying asset.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Decentralized exchange software allows for direct transactions between users and does not rely on any central authority. In addition, DeFi exchanges (DEX) give users complete control over their assets. In our DeFi exchange software, users can exchange cryptocurrencies without giving up custody of their assets.

DeFi Gaming Protocol Development

Due to their ingenious incentive models and built-in economies, Ethereum-based games have gained tremendous popularity. We specialize in developing different gaming protocols based on different themes and rules.

DeFi Insurance Platform Development

DeFi Insurance is an essential addition to your end-to-end DeFi portfolio. No matter decentralized finance is democratic, the underlying smart contracts are still prone to exploding in case of uncontrollable liquidity requests. Revinfotech helps you contain futuristic risks by directly engaging into insurance deals.

DeFi Crypto Lending Platform Development

1.7 billion people lack access to traditional financial services because they do not have bank accounts. Revinfotech helps you tap into these 1.7 billion people with your DeFi crypto lending platform. We offer business-oriented services to deliver feature-rich platforms that make financial services available to your users.

DeFi Staking Platform Development

We provide complete solutions to develop DeFi staking platform fortified with a robust reward management system. Whether you need a DeFi staking platform on TRON, Ethereum or any other blockchain, our customized DeFi staking platform development services successfully cater to your business needs.

DeFi Wallet Development

The DeFi wallet app lets your users be their own bank. We develop a fully decentralized wallet for your users so they have complete control over their money. To create a high-performance and secure decentralized crypto wallet, our blockchain developers use market-leading features.

DeFi Token Development

We have extensive experience developing DeFi coins and tokens for all assets classes. Revinfotech enables enterprises and investors to convert underutilized crypto assets into productive investments through our strategic consulting. We help with the development of end-to-end DeFi token issuance platforms.

Decentralized Crypto Banking Platform Development

Over a completely decentralized and validation-free transfer of value, create a frictionless experience for your customers. Wallet creation, value holding, value transfer, and transactional analysis are some of the competent banking modules included in Revinfotech's ready-to-deployment white label payment mobile app.

DeFi Lottery Platform Development

The pooled capital can be redirected to participants without custodianship. The Lottery system over DeFi allows Revinfotech to invest capital in other dApps and rewards a winner a major share of the interest earned. A secure, legal and assured return system!

Compliance and KYT

Instead of analyzing participant identities, DeFi analyzes participating addresses’ behaviors. As a DeFi-based compliance and KYT (Know Your Transaction) provider, we help protect against financial crimes and fraud in real-time.

DeFi Adoption: Accelerating DeFi Use-Cases

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Development of the DeFi protocol

Over the past two years, decentralized finance protocols have witnessed a phenomenal growth. As of today, they are worth $66.35 billion. In the traditional finance industry, pain points such as centralized control, delays in transactions, inaccessibility, etc., can be addressed using DeFi protocols.

Revinfotech offers mission-driven solutions for DeFi protocols development, helping start-ups and enterprises launch their DeFi platforms and reach billion-dollar markets.


Using Ethereum's smart contract protocol, this decentralized exchange facilitates trading and swapping of ERC-20 tokens directly from the Ethereum wallet.


It is also called SushiSwap and enables users to deposit tokens into a liquidity pool, which is then lent out, allowing them to earn interest.


On the Ethereum blockchain, Compound provides algorithmic, efficient money markets for developers.


An open-source and non-custodial DeFi lending protocol, Aave offers interest on deposits and borrows assets.


This cryptocurrency exchange is built on Ethereum, allowing users to trade margin on a completely decentralized basis.


With this decentralized platform, users can lend assets for interest or enter into short/leveraged positions.

Yearn Finance

To optimize lending options, it employs a series of DeFi-focused protocols, including Compound, Dydx, and Fulcrum.

Project Serum

An exchange based on the blockchain that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing traders to trade other currencies than ERC-20 tokens.


It offers users fixed rates and predefined maturities for lending and borrowing on the Ethereum blockchain.

Frequently asked questions

In what way does DeFi work?

This is an open ecosystem where users can directly engage in financial services with each other over a Blockchain platform.

DeFi offers what benefits?

A DEFI contract is an automated contract that further ensures fraud-free transactions, instant liquidity, and global reachability.

Does DeFi work for everyone?

DeFi is open to individuals and professionals with any amount of fiat money or fractions of fiat currency.

Are there people who can build DeFi platforms?

The DeFi model can be added to the services of any finance services provider, be it individual or agency, such as Venture Capitalists, lenders, or trade exchanges.

DeFi is a better crypto exchange than centralized ones, so how does it differ?

With DEX, investors can directly sell or borrow tokens from each other, eliminating the intermediary fee. There is no requirement for cryptocurrencies to be decentralized.

Do you know how secure DeFi is?

With no manual intervention, DeFi platforms are secure and scalable because the entire process is automated by code (smart contracts).

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