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Testing and Automation

Automation in Software Testing is required to efficiently launch new apps, release software updates to tap into new business opportunities that usually exist only for a short timeframe. Automated Testing takes care of test cases’ reusability across multiple devices, browsers, thereby increasing test coverage and reducing testing costs and test time. RevInfotech specializes in implementing agile test automation strategy for complex web and mobile applications. RevInfotech’s Test Automation process comprises pre-built test automation scripts, workflow processes, product accelerators, industry accelerators, digital accelerators, utilities, process assets, and frameworks, helping many companies in implementing successful automation testing initiatives.

AI-based Test Automation platform that offers scalable, enterprise-grade, infrastructure for testing intelligent apps

RevInfotech Key Testing and Automation Solutions

Test Automation Framework

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Utilize our Pre-built, Flexible Test Automation Frameworks and get started immediately.

Managed Services

Independent Testing Services with Nearshore/Offshore testing expertise in most types of testing.


Add more firepower to your spiking testing resource needs with our certified and experienced test engineers.

Premium Benefits

Automated test data generation

We set up automated preparation of structured and comprehensive data input and output combinations for both automated tests and manual tests. With our test data generation, you can save considerable resources.

API testing

We plan and design test cases, develop and maintain scripts to quickly and efficiently validate software functionality via API, and check integrations. Consume less and produce more with RevInfotech.

Digital Integration

With our help, the digital integration process for your organization simplifies several folds. Avail of our premium services and get your organization equipped with the power of digitization.

Advanced Algorithms

Keeping up with the market is integral for any firm and we help you achieve the same with ease. Let us study the market and comprehend the ongoing trends to formulate the best strategy for you.

Functional Infrastructure

Avail RevInfotech and get the best automation consulting, research and development, automation practices, and automation labs. With our help, you can quickly climb the stairs of success.

Automation testing service is essential to digital success

We leverage best practices in Agile testing, continuous integration, and test-driven development to enable you to get new digital services to market faster, expand market coverage, and respond more quickly and efficiently to market feedback. RevInfotech Test Automation services span web, mobile, and web services. It enables automated testing of multiple mobile devices and multiple browsers in the cloud or on-premise, using any framework. In cooperation with the DevOps teams, we design and implement the continuous integration pipeline, and integrate continuous testing in it to automatically run tests after every change in your software.

Why Choose RevInfotech for Testing and Automation Solutions

The market is filled with numerous ventures offering a similar set of services. However, RevInfotech has gathered years of experience and knowledge under its belt to carry out each one of its claims. Our experts have an apt skillset to fulfill your every testing and automation desire. With our testing solutions you can get rid of every issue, and our automation services can simplify every process for you. Never stay behind the competition with RevInfotech.

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