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Embrace a Customer Service Solution that Develops with Customer Behaviour

Nowadays it is more important to provide excellent service to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction than ever before, with D365 customer services, earn loyalty, empower agents and stay buoyant.

A person using a laptop with Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface, managing customer services efficiently and effectively.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service - Overview

Sales professionals need good communication for the desired impact and to do this you need dynamic CRM software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer service is a module for customer service automation that enables you to steadily manage customer cases by handling contracts, resources, work hours, USD, and allows you to build customer trust, brand affinity, and insights. Microsoft Customer service comprises the customer service app which can be used in browsers and the customer service hub which supports utilization on both browser and mobile device.

Microsoft 365 combines CRM and ERP into one easy to use management system which helps in:


Engage with customers in real-time

How can it benefit my business?

Reduces Customer Service Costs

Customer service automation can save up to 40 percent service costs, it improves workflow and saves time for you to handle complex customer interactions.

Certralize Data

Using a CRM platform enables you to centralize all customer information like contact information, transaction history, self-service interactions, and more.


Transform the way you manage customer data, Microsoft customer service module liquifies the barriers between complex business platforms and unifies data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service - Functionality

Real-time Dashboards and Reports

Create reports in attractive graphs and formats and make data-driven well-planned decisions, customer service metrics configure you to judge the performance of your customer service department and help you in reviewing CSAT score and KPI summaries.

Self-service Portals

Provides online support portals, community discussion forums, and blog platforms for the customer who prefer self-service, portals imposed with CRM authentication, user roles and supports three security models for authentication: claims-based authentication, active directory authentication, and OAuth 2.0.

Agent Enablement

Dynamics 365 customer service provides a dynamic interface to your agents to interact with your customers efficiently, With a full history of customer interactions, user preference, and relevant customer information Dynamics 365 enables agents to provide a personalized interaction with customers.


Identifies social posts, sentiments, and intent and converts them to required cases with numerous communication channels such as SMS, emails, phone calls, and chats enabling customers to engage with you effortlessly.

Power BI

With embedded Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and azure machine, have access to reports that will give you insights into the Monitoring of IoT devices, SLA performance, inventory levels, and forecasts, etc.

Innovate and Adapt

Since customers want quick and relevant answers across cross channels, If you have your work cut out with modern and advanced technology it’s time to reassess your solution. We help businesses to deliver a superior level of services by leveraging the Customer service platform with D365 by providing the right information at the right time.

Get Back on Track With D365 Customer Service Solutions From Revinfotech

Grow your sales, manage your finances and make the most of your business with easy-to-implement and seamless D365 solutions from Revinfotech. By choosing to work with us you will gain access to a team of highly skilled Microsoft dynamics consultants. Whether you are in the early stages of discovering a CRM solution for your enterprise or need assistance in ongoing support and development we are always there.

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