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Our B2B and B2C travel portals act as a viable centralized platform to manage hotel, agency, Travel and Hospitality and customer information. It allows different stakeholders to synchronize the information about their services, hotels, etc. dynamically so the customers can access real-time data on the portal and carry out bookings. One can manage booking, sales, access, and map travel content through a single integrated system. The system also allows you to integrate popular XML, APIs to add modules like payment gateways, price comparison, ticketing platforms, social media platforms, etc.


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RevInfotech's Key Travel and Hospitality Software Solutions

Accommodation Management

Get details about room availability, facilities in the property, filter, and sorting of options based on rating and pricing, etc.

Car Rental and Hire

The select vehicle picks up the country, city, start date, return country, city, end of duration & filters, and sorts based on availability dates, rates, model, etc.

Booking Management System

Manage booking quotation numbers, cancellations, invoices, full and partial payment options, account, policy, and fee details.

Mobile Applications

Intelligent and cashless travel with access to a centralized mobile application to keep hotel bookings and tickets handy.

Client Supplier Wizard

Maintain a list of agencies and their invoicing details, price listing based on seasons, mark-up, and contract maintenance functionality.

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Why RevInfotech for Travel Tourism and Hospitality Software Solutions?

Our bespoke software solutions automate business processes for banks, insurance, and other fintech companies and provide them secure, regulatory compliant, and scalable platforms to run their business efficiently. For over two decades, we have created loan processing solutions, forex applications, pension systems, insurance underwriting, policy and claims management systems, ERPs, and many more. Generate statistics, manage customer lifecycle, conduct smooth management of campaigns, events, workflows, member loyalty programs, feedback, etc.

Harness the power of technology to build travel and hospitality systems

  • Customizable Menu with Photos and Description
  • Inventory Management for Store/Kitchen/Bar
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Tablet-Based Menu Ordering for Customers
  • Takeout and Delivery Orders Processing
  • Staff Profile, Clock In and Out Management
  • Payment Options Like Cash, Cheque and Credit Cards
  • Customer Info & Discount Management
  • Accounting, Users and Products Reports
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