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Ready to make some magic to your Media and Entertainment Business?

Innovate how your audience experiences entertainment. Create engaging multiple-screen experiences, embrace VR, and create the next software to change the media and entertainment landscape. From production to distribution of media content, RevInfotech caters to all phases of the content life cycle. Whether it’s distribution, broadcasting, production, building new delivery platforms, or simply reshaping entertainment as we know it — we are ready to help. We understand that the requirements of entertainment and media are not always the same as other industries. Our team knows how to maneuver through the shifting and always-on media and entertainment landscape.


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In the data-driven and analytics-powered era, media and entertainment software solutions need smarter IT solutions to stay ahead of market trends.

Revinfotech Key Media Software Solutions

Content Distribution Management

We build custom content management and distribution platforms for media and entertainment companies. Our solutions are scalable and tailored to your needs to help you communicate your message directly to your audiences through multiple channels.

Increasing User Engagement

Minimized loading speed, powerful on-site search, cross-browser compatibility, social sharing features, and personalized, contextual messages - these are only some of the tools we apply to engage your users and drive 90% more sales for your business.


It’s no longer just an option to have a mobile-first strategy: 90% of consumer’s media time is spent in-app. We use native and cross-platform technologies to build apps for any device to help you meet the market demand and build a strong mobile presence.

Social Media

If you target a small niche or run an industry-specific media resource creating a dedicated social networking platform is a great way to build a loyal community around your business. We help you enter the social media sphere and reach out to your audience worldwide.

System Performance Improvement

We build high-performance scalable software products with a long-term outlook for your media and entertainment business. Workload optimization, profiling and caching techniques applied to your project make it up to 10 times faster, regardless of the traffic and database load.

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Why RevInfotech for Media and Entertainment Software Solutions?

RevInfotech is your right partner for developing software that drives success.

  • Retain user engagement through high-performing solutions.
  • Leverage evolving content distribution channels to your advantage.
  • Catalog and secure your content effectively while allowing users to share quickly and seamlessly.
  • Build quality entertainment products to engage users on the go.

Technology Solutions for the Media & Entertainment Industry

RevInfotech combines its technology and industry expertise to design, build and deliver modern solutions for digital media, music, sports, video, and publishing organizations. By offering a full range of services from consulting and system modernization to new product development and support our experts deliver business and software solutions that help our clients succeed in the highly competitive media landscape. We help Media and Entertainment businesses deliver a high-quality media experience to their customers and thereby achieve greater commercial outcomes.

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