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Our goal is to deliver impactful DeFi staking software through customized solutions.

DeFi Staking:

Transforming the Traditional Borrowing and Lending Paradigm

In DeFi staking, users hold or lock their funds to support the operation of a proof-of-stake (POS)-based blockchain system. Incentives users for their participation and helps a network achieve consensus, so it is similar to cryptocurrency mining.

In addition to facilitating and redefining the conventional lending and borrowing process, DeFi staking provides much-needed transparency. These benefits have led to DeFi staking gaining global acceptance and traction. The total assets staked in DeFi platforms were $21 billion to $23 billion in January 2021, an indication of the growing demand for staking.

You can launch your DeFi stake software with Revinfotech Solutions and tap into the billion-dollar staking market.

DeFi Staking Platforms

If you plan to develop a DeFi stake platform, you can choose from the following options.


You can offer DeFi staking services through an existing crypto exchange, or you can build a new one thanks to the number of users on these platforms.


In order to offer your users DeFi staking services, you will need to provide them with a secure wallet where they can stake their assets.

Staking-as-a-service Platform

Staking-as-a-service software differs from exchanges and wallets, which function as both trading and storage platforms. This type of staking is known as soft staking.

Ways to Reward Users

Owners of DeFi staking platforms can choose how to reward their users for staked assets.


With this method, users are rewarded directly proportional to their assets held. Users who hold or stake more assets are assigned more validation tasks, which leads to greater rewards.


In other words, rewards are calculated based on the amount of assets that are locked in - higher locked-in assets result in higher rewards that are directly transferred to users' wallets.


A fund manager participates in this platform with a sizable capital. The profits made by the platform are reinvested and dividends are distributed equally among members.

Our Process

A video describing how we build DeFi staking platforms can be found here.


To achieve this, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, contextualize blockchain for their business, and co-innovate around the use case.


With our strategy and advisory services, we help our clients prepare for the market disruption caused by the launch of the DeFi yield farming platform.


As developers and architects of DeFi's yield farming platform, we make use of our rich domain knowledge and expertise to design and build solutions for legal and compliance.


To ensure that our client's businesses are positively impacted by our solutions, we continually provide our services and support even after product deployment.

Why choose us to develop the DeFi Staking Platform

Meaningful Outcomes

Our investments make a real difference. We ensure your investments are worth it.

Rapid Development

The development and deployment of customized products is accelerated and smooth with a coherent roadmap.

Complete Support

As a result, we provide extensive post-delivery services so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Expert Team

With 500 experts on staff, we help you refine your offering, find the best tech approach, and create communities and campaigns.

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