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On-Demand DeFi Wallet Development for Quick Arrival in Crypto Finance.

Defi Wallet

The gateway to fast and secure crypto banking

The Revinfotech non-custodial DeFi crypto wallet allows you to empower your customers with enhanced security and total control over cryptos and private keys.

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You are experiencing a problem with your cryptocurrency wallet

The centralized structure of crypto wallets confined the scope to usual storage or just an interface to transfer cryptocurrency value. Prone to single point of failure, centralized wallets come with:

  • Identity theft is at an increased risk
  • There is a risk of infrastructure downtime
  • The risk of a government shutdown
  • A limited number of investment opportunities

In what ways do DeFi Crypto Banking Wallets differ from traditional crypto wallets?

With Revinfotech, over 20 global finance companies have expanded their DeFi portfolios to more currencies and investment protocols with improved security and total control.

DeFi Wallet

  • Decentralized trust is trustless / Trust is decentralized
  • Private keys are owned by the user
  • No KYC is required
  • Supports all DeFi platforms
  • Cryptocurrencies based on asset or protocol

Traditional Crypto Wallets

  • Custodian is product owner / Trust is centralized
  • The private keys belong to the product owner
  • Mandatory KYC
  • Integrate with DeFi platforms or not
  • It may or may not support protocol-based currencies

Do you know how a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet works?

As DeFi is built over a blockchain, there is no single point of failure, so the wallet is always operating, secure from hacks, and immune from cross-border regulation.

Furthermore, they are integrated with web3 wallets, so users do not have to leave the wallet app to connect.

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Signature Features in a DeFi Crypto Wallet


The withdrawal/deposit of fiat currency is directly transferred to Visa or Mastercard-enabled prepaid cards.

Vendor Payments

Using the QR-Code scanner or chat payment window, you can instantly pay for consumer services in cryptocurrencies as fiat equivalents.


It eliminates the need for a separate wallet integration service and greatly enhances the token swapping experience.

In-chat Transactions

Additionally, the chatting module enables users to initiate a payment request or send/receive cryptocurrencies within the chat box itself.


By developing a DeFi staking wallet, businesses can empower their users to stake assets and engage in trading activities.

Yield Farming

The ability for users to farm their tokens in investments to earn maximum yields and meet liquidity requirements on-demand.

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Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets provide all the functions a mobile user needs on the go and can be accessed as mobile apps.

Web Wallets

Web browsers store these wallets. Users are advised to secure their private keys.

Hardware Wallets

They are physical devices that can be accessed via the web. Hardware wallets provide complete protection from hackers.

Desktop Wallets

They can be installed on any regular computer system, such as a desktop or laptop. They should be connected to the internet with complete security.

Our DeFi Crypto Wallet Feature’s Catalogue

Multi-coin and Multi-asset

Additionally, it enables seamless integration of altcoins and tokens to meet the needs of businesses.

Multi Language Support

A wide variety of languages will be supported in the future, including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Hindi and German.

QR Code Scanner

In addition to simplifying the exchange of cryptocurrencies, the QR code scanner eliminates human error while copying wallet addresses.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Support

As soon as the sender taps the NFC tag on the wallet, the address of the buyer’s wallet is automatically retrieved.

Automatic Conversion Rates

In addition to USD, GBP, and AUD, users can view their balance and the transferred amount in other fiat currencies.

Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments

A wallet automatically detects and denies duplicate payments and completely avoids chargebacks. A wallet automatically detects and denies duplicate payments and completely avoids chargebacks.

Frequently asked questions

DeFi crypto wallets: what do they do?

In a DeFi crypto wallet, the user has complete control over their private keys and funds. This is at the core of the concept, “Be Your Own Bank”.

What makes DeFi wallets so popular?

A DeFi wallet serves the main purpose of cryptocurrency: to create a transparent financial ecosystem that is accessible to everyone.

Crypto wallets cost how much to build?

A white label wallet requires less development time and cost than a custom wallet because it does not require as many features.

What does a cryptocurrency wallet do?

It is the former individual (sender) who signs off ownership of the coins to the receiver’s wallet address when sending a crypto asset. To spend these coins, the receiver must have a private key that matches the recipient’s public address.

How does DeFi wallet make money?

If you invest some Ethereum into your wallet, you can earn money from DeFi. Use some ETH to pay for the gas fees for using the network. You can invest ETH in the best DeFi lending platform to earn more ROI. You can withdraw your interest income anytime by using your private key.

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