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Medical & Healthcare Software Solutions

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The road to good healthcare is paved by adapting the latest trends of patient engagement and the effective use of emerging technology. We are living in a new era of life sciences where every healthcare organization in the world is feeling the change. The Healthcare industry is undergoing crucial changes with a heavy penetration of emerging technologies in both providers as well as patient segments. With RevInfotech, you can now transform your current systems to the cloud, mobility, and IoT-driven experiences for your customers. New healthcare software has helped professionals respond faster, collaborate more, employ their time and resources more effectively, diagnose more accurately, and communicate effectively to patients.


Increase in patient satisfaction


Increase in remote care efficiency


Decrease in time taken for diagnosis

We Enable Transformative Healthcare Solutions
for Providers and Payers

Revinfotech Key Medical & Healthcare Software Solutions

Online Appointment

We are creating up-to-date and user-friendly dashboards that provide real-time information that can be analyzed to book your appointment at home. You can take an appointment with the doctor of your choice on any day you want.

Medical Billing Dashboard

Our Medical Billing system will make the billing procedure easy and simple. Any hospital can manage its invoicing or billing efficiently. Our solution will automatically add taxes and other charges before generating the final bill.

Fitness Tracking

The fitness tracker solution provides a unique feature where the user can maintain the daily healthcare routine. Our team of developers is efficient in developing a fitness solution for the fitness and healthcare industry.

Inventory Management

One of the key challenges lies in the management of medical inventory. Our medical inventory management module enables the managing and tracking of medical supplies and provides a real-time update on inventory.

Data Management

As we all know that the data is the heart of any business, our solution will easily manage the data of all the patients by paying close attention to compliance and security. We ensure the data is secure and can not be altered and deleted once stored.

Image shows a healthcare employee research with test machines and samples.

Technologies at the Forefront of Innovation in Healthcare

In the era of digital healthcare, every patient demands to be informed more than ever. With RevInfotech, meet these rising expectations and engage with your patients at all possible touchpoints to create a patient-centric ecosystem. Shift your focus to value-based models to deliver better experiences. We provide your customers with the power to make informed decisions. We will help you to cut your operational inefficiencies by creating cross-platform resource management solutions.

Why RevInfotech for Healthcare Software Solutions?

With our customer-centric, agile, and unique solutions connecting the patients with the right doctors and the right medical facilitator at ease and convenience, you can reimagine your healthcare business to promote the health and connectivity of each individual, while adapting to individual’s needs. Be it Web, Mobile app, cloud, wearable, or IoT, we have touched every trending technology in the industry. We connect healthcare professionals to enable life-changing collaborations in the advancement of medicine and health.

Image shows a healthcare employee utilizing a microscope.

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