Blockchain Development for Healthcare

Build a better healthcare infrastructure governed by blockchain-based networks and eliminate issues of fraud and expensive treatments.

Putting Healthcare over Blockchain

The pandemic crumbled the world’s best healthcare systems because they were running on disconnected networks with inefficient visibility. Using the power of decentralization, Revinfotech aims to resolve these issues through optimal use of blockchain for healthcare development services. Deploying medical systems over a decentralized network empowers the authorities to take smarter decisions and fight a pandemic like event with more preparedness.

Blockchain Development For Healthcare

Why do we need Blockchain in Healthcare?

Insufficiency in cross-vertical data sharing due to siloed storage and management of medical records. Despite agile processes, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical vendors and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem operate in silos and thus lack in-the-moment updates. Such insufficient interoperability puts high volume of healthcare metadata vulnerable to duplicity and frauds. Blockchain development for healthcare is changing this by addressing the following key lapses:

  • Patients are bound to avail medical services that are irrelevant to their current care.
  • Physicians have to spend additional effort to access, browse, and understand the medical history of a patient. It poses risk of inaccurate decision making in emergency cases.
  • Poor tracing of first & last mile delivery verticals causes rise in influx of fake drugs in the stores. These are even more dangerous when active ingredients are altered or in unauthorized proportions.

Crusading the Adoption of dApps in Healthcare

Revinfotech has proven expertise in building custom blockchain platforms for a range of verticals in the healthcare and insurance domains. By deploying end-to-end healthcare processes over blockchain, we are accelerating the adoption of dApps and making healthcare services more accessible to all. In the wake of the ongoing circumstances, the following blockchain use cases can produce a revolutionary impact:

distribution-center-Blockchain Development For Healthcare

Fastened Vaccine Distribution Over Blockchain

Fasten the supply chain network powered by blockchain and build on-demand visibility of the vaccines freight in transit. Monitor vaccine distribution at every step while keeping all participants of the blockchain such as manufacturers, distributers, clinics etc.


Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management

Using a decentralized and distributed network of nodes, institutions can ensure a secure, structured, unaltered, and on-demand sharing of records among the medical community. Assuring such accuracy & privacy of patient data, doctors benefit from overarching visibility of patient’s medical history while researchers utilize the data for scientific progress.


Data Ownership & Consent Management

Patients have the ownership over their data. They can provide selective access to their historical details to different stakeholders such as physicians and researchers. They may share all data with their physicians but may choose to share only handpicked data items with an institution. At the same time, they may monetize their data for research initiatives.


Drugs & Products Tracking Over Blockchain

A supply chain collates multiple industrial verticals and thus multiple blockchains. Through network interoperability, different dApps can exchange data for ensuring only original medicines and products are supplied in the market followed by moment tracking throughout first-mile & last-mile delivery networks.


Automated & Timely Payouts

Self-governed smart contracts can enable payments & refunds in various use cases. For example, release of insurance of amount as soon as it is approved by the contract. Or else, immediately releasing concessions or rewards to patient’s for various schemes etc.


Find Suppliers On-Demand

Bring all suppliers on the blockchain. Broadcast requirement and evaluate the availability and qualification of all applications based on their historical data stored on chain. Faster verification leads to faster to on-boarding and thus on-demand supply of goods.

Smart contract Development for Healthcare

Smart contracting is an integral part of building automated processes over a decentralized network. For the healthcare vertical, Revinfotech has successfully enabled speedier and more efficient medical processing thereby assuring a secured ecosystem of patient lifecycle – from admission to discharge.


Data Security

Blockchain networks are immutable and coupled with a consensus mechanism over a decentralized network. This stamps proof-of-existence, proof-of-ownership, and the validation-of-authenticity on the network shared by multitude of entities. With such security, institutions are able to execute their research with ease


Assure data integrity across multiple parties

The health updates of every patient are broadcasted in the blockchain thereby attesting it as the single version of truth. The updated health record is registered in the chain forever and forms a part of the patient’s lifelong medical data records. This empowers all participants to collaborate and exchange data insights for myriad of purposes.


Reduced Costs

Qualitative data archiving and sharing in lesser timelines with all participants of the blockchain accelerates analytical initiatives. The produced insights push for faster decision-making and thus better treatment and leaner resources.


Improved Validation and Authentication

Blockchain enables quick distribution of authentication rights along the procure-to-pay chain, thereby enabling fraud prevention and augmenting security across the PTP process.


Invoice Processing

The exchange of invoices using the blockchain technology enables shared access to the database and eliminates the need for invoice scanning. The authorized parties can review transactions without reconciliation.

Why Choose Revinfotech for Blockchain in Healthcare?


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