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Service organizations are looking for compliant ways to adapt to changing business models to utilize their workforce and productivity and drive project success. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations assists you in delivering cost-effective projects on time and within budget while improving productivity.

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The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a new project management module with combined abilities of three existing solutions and replaces Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) and offers end-to-end project service automation software and helps in driving success and profitability by offering transparency, collaboration, and agility.

Microsoft D365 end-to-end solution includes:


Break the barrier between sales and service

Key features


Utilizes customer portals to interact and collaborate with customers in real-time, helps project service teams give customers accurate timeline and cost detail.

Stock management

Manage leads, applicants, accounts, and opportunities in a single, integrated system. Provides transparency and access of customer service updates to the team enabling them to work collaboratively.

Project Planning

Robust project scheduling and management capabilities make it easy for sales managers to visualize project planning and estimate cost, effort, and sales.

Powerful project management functions

Expense Management

Potentially predicts profitable deals, emphasizes expected revenue and resources expenses, provides real-time financial insights to customers.

Efficient Multitasking

Its advanced POS Keeps you updated about all the project and non-project schedules and performs multiple tasks related to managing operations, processing and reconciliation of expenses, examining customer orders, and reviewing reports.

Service Analytics

An integrated project management solution that provides you real-time financial insights and encourages a robust ground for analyzing, comprehending, and reviewing functions. Its built-in power BI assures data privacy and properly organizes data.

Team Collaboration

Mobile-ready office 365 productivity tools Enable team and partners to stay updated regarding their goals. Integrates social media, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) experiences for consistent communication and collaboration.

Streamline Contracts

Streamline the sales management experience and generate project contracts, keep a constant record of labor prices and generate SWOs using and increase integrated sales automation experience.

How we can help

With Revinfotech Deploy a solution that covers all important aspects of your projects, Our experts are standing right by you to provide you with the most qualified Project Service Automation solutions, with years of experience in supply chain consulting and Microsoft ERP and BI solutions, we have specified solution that focuses on specific areas to make a huge difference in implementation success.

Transform the way your business functions,

Business solutions from Microsoft that can bring significant organizational change. Delight your customers, grow sales, manage your finances with our team of experienced consultants who bring in their skills to help you through the tough decision-making process. Start with a quick to implement, easy to start solution aligned with your needs and adapt as your needs change.

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