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These solutions help you with scheduling, information sharing, and training of new employees to mobile e-learning applications that create exciting new ways for all people to learn—software can help your business and personnel develop and grow faster than ever. Our RevInfotech team will collaborate with you to listen, understand, plan, design and evaluate your development efforts — whether your company is into education and training programs, mobile and web e-learning tools will provide an improved workflow at academic institutions.With us explore a new range of comprehensive IT solutions to create a vibrant learning environment in the classroom and enhance student engagement in your school and college.


Increase in patient satisfaction


Increase in remote care efficiency


Decrease in time taken for diagnosis

With RevInfotech, Improve the way people learn, teach, and grow with specialized software solutions

Revinfotech Key Backend Technologies

Effective and Efficient

Any educational institute aims to become more effective and efficient. Our educational solution helps the institutes to achieve their aim effortlessly. .

Learn from Anywhere

The present-day learning is no longer limited to the classrooms as students can attend their the classes anytime from anywhere.

Clear Communication

These educational solutions allow clear communication between the parents, teachers, and students and it’s also an important part of the student learning process.

Share Notes

The process of sharing study materials or notes has become a simple and easy process by using the educational software solution.

Fun to Learn

Our game-based learning solutions offer a blend of entertainment with education, that provide a learning value to students.


Why RevInfotech for Educational Software Solutions?

E-Learning is being driven not only by startup dot-com entrepreneurs but also by big corporations, for-profit spin-off ventures as well as big and small universities. And we offer a balanced solution to each one of them. Using our team’s diverse expertise, we’ve delighted a number of these education groups through professional and user-engaging web and mobile services.

  • Examination QA management web application
  • E-learning management software
  • Educational management software
  • Educational gaming applications

Digital Transformation Redefining the Educational Sector

Develop a digital on a job training program for your organization. A recent report indicates the organizations that are offering e-learning opportunities have been shown to generate 26% more revenue per employee. From applications that help students to find their hidden passions to mobile learning solutions that reach a range of trainees within a global company, RevInfotech understands all the challenges involved very well.