Our Policies

The Code of Confidence: Where Integrity meets Technology

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List of Our Policies


Publishing Policies

Transparent Publishing Policies: Empowering Innovation and Ensuring Excellence.

Actionable Feedback Policy

Fostering Progress with Your Input: Embracing the Strength of our Actionable Feedback Policy.

Correction Policies

Precision in Progress: Our Commitment to Transparent Corrections and Continuous Improvement.

Ownership / Funding Policy

Cultivating Success, Nurturing Growth: Unveiling Our Commitment to Ownership and Funding Excellence.

Ethics Policy

Elevating Excellence: Where Integrity Guides Innovation – Our Commitment to Ethical Leadership in IT.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Empowering Voices, Ensuring Respect: Our Commitment to a Harassment-Free Workplace.


Diversity Policy

Fostering Unity, Celebrating Diversity: Our Commitment to Inclusion and Innovation.

Diversity Staffing Report

Fostering Inclusivity, Empowering Innovation: Our Diversity Staffing Journey at Revinfotech.

Responsible Disclosure

Empowering Security Together: Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Digital Landscape through Responsible Disclosure

Privacy Policy

Empowering trust: Keeping your privacy safe in the digital age.

Refund Policy

Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee: Seamless Solutions or Your Money Back!