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By the year 2022, the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies was highly anticipated. The surge in crypto popularity paved the way for various investor-friendly innovations. One such innovation is the cryptocurrency launchpad, which has revolutionized the fundraising landscape. It provides a streamlined platform for blockchain-based projects to initiate and secure funds for their expansion. With the cryptocurrency industry experiencing exponential growth, embracing a crypto launchpad presents an opportunity to unlock new revenue streams.

At Revinfotech, we specialize in offering comprehensive

Crypto Launchpad Development, empowering you to create your launchpad and seize the potential for revenue generation. Our team of seasoned blockchain engineers and subject matter experts is dedicated to expediting your time-to-market, enabling you to establish a competitive edge. Harness our expertise to bring your cryptocurrency launchpad vision to life and thrive in this dynamic market.

The Cryptocurrency Launchpad Development Services we offer

We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of various businesses

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ICO Launchpad Development

An Initial Coin Offering, commonly referred to as ICO, represents a widely embraced method for fundraising. Our expertise lies in constructing ICO platforms founded on smart contracts, facilitating a smooth avenue for enterprises to introduce their tokens and initiatives while procuring the necessary capital.

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IEO Launchpad Development

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a process where digital assets or tokens are introduced for fundraising by listing them on cryptocurrency exchanges. Our team of blockchain experts excels in crafting tailored IEO launchpad solutions, tailored to meet a wide range of business requirements.

INO Icon

INO Launchpad Development

Despite being a newcomer, INO (Initial NFT Offering) has been swiftly gaining traction among individuals seeking to secure funding for their NFT projects. Our proficiency extends to the development of INO launchpads, ensuring the deployment of high-performance platforms that deliver an exceptional user experience.

IGO Icon

IGO Offering Development

Similar to INO, IGO (Initial Game Offering) is an emerging concept that has rapidly garnered attention. It revolves around securing capital for a blockchain-centered gaming project. Our team specializes in creating intuitive IGO launch platforms, empowering enterprises to access the GameFi realm effectively.

IIO Icon

IIO Launchpad Development

Initial Insurance Offering (IIO) has gained significant traction within the crypto community, sparking the interest of enthusiasts. Revinfotech's versatile and proficient team specializes in crafting robust IIO launchpads, ensuring both scalability and security to serve the needs of participants in the insurance market.

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IFO Launchpad Development:

The concept of IFO (Initial Farming Offering) has been swiftly gaining traction within the realm of decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms. Its primary objective is to raise capital through farming events. Our team specializes in crafting IFO launchpads equipped with cutting-edge functionalities, ensuring they deliver peak performance and efficiency.

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IDO Launchpad Development:

An Initial DEX Offering, known as IDO, has emerged as a widely adopted method for gathering capital to support decentralized initiatives. Our specialized IDO launchpad development solutions are dedicated to creating top-tier platforms that are renowned for their exceptional performance, scalability, and robust security measures.

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ILO Launchpad Development:

An ILO, which stands for Initial Liquidity Offering, presents a direct avenue for burgeoning businesses to power their expansion. Our approach involves constructing ILO launch platforms fortified with cutting-edge elements such as Automated Market Makers (AMM), liquidity pools, and other industry-leading functionalities tailored to specific business requirements.

Cryptocurrency Launchpad Development: A Beneficial Proposition for Enterprises and Platform Operators

Crypto launchpads have revolutionized the way startups and businesses enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem, streamlining the fundraising process and removing geographical limitations. This has empowered businesses to attract investors from across the globe, expanding their reach and potential. Additionally, launchpads have opened up exciting avenues for platform owners, introducing fresh opportunities for generating revenue.

At Revinfotech, we stand ready to assist you in seizing this promising opportunity by leveraging our expertise to create and launch your own Crypto Launchpad Development.


Cryptocurrency Launchpad Development
WHITE LABEL Crypto Launchpad Development

WHITE LABEL Crypto Launchpad Development

The swift embrace of cryptocurrencies and the increasing market rivalry underscore the urgency for platform proprietors to swiftly enter the market to secure a vital competitive advantage.

Here at Revinfotech, we facilitate your entry into the crypto market through our bespoke white-label crypto launchpad development solutions. Our versatile team understands your specific business requirements and formulates a well-structured plan to propel and expedite your development journey, regardless of the type of launchpad you require.

Harness our wealth of experience, proficiency, and industry insights to construct your customized crypto launchpad.

Features of a Cryptocurrency Launchpad

We provide launch platforms equipped with the optimal features to ensure top-notch performance on a global scale.


Know your customer (KYC)

It verifies the authenticity of businesses and potential investors, guaranteeing their rightful access to the platform.

Multiple fundraising methods Icon

Multiple fundraising methods

We create and provide platforms that cater to various fundraising models, enabling businesses to effortlessly secure the capital they need.

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Crypto wallet

The incorporation of a robust cryptocurrency wallet within the platform guarantees the security of cryptocurrency transactions and the safekeeping of digital assets.

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Multi-tier staking

Crowdfunding often involves conducting multiple rounds, with the number of rounds being determined by the total tokens staked.



A formidable crypto launch platform aspires to enhance project visibility in order to attract increased investments.

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Interoperability empowers crypto launchpad platforms to seamlessly integrate various blockchain networks. Furthermore, platform administrators have the flexibility to ensure compatibility with a diverse range of blockchain ecosystems.

Why Our Crypto Launchpad Development Services Stand Out?

The ideal individuals in the perfect location, delivering precise solutions.

Blockchain Pioneers

The blockchain technology pioneers with extensive expertise in the industry, we have years of experience in blockchain technology. We do one thing, and we do it well.

Customization Excellence

Every business is different, as are their needs. Customizing solutions to meet your unique needs and vision is what we excel at.

End-to-End Services

With the highest professionalism and expertise, we provide end-to-end services covering everything from ideation to deployment.

Security-Centric Approach

Keeping your digital assets secure is paramount in the crypto space, which is why we adopt a security-first mindset.

Competitive Pricing

You will receive exceptional value for your investment with our competitive pricing structures.

24/7 Support

Our blockchain solutions are backed by unwavering, ongoing support with 24/7 availability.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Providing tailored solutions based on a wide range of blockchain platforms allows us to meet the unique needs of your project. We specialize in Ethereum, a leading smart contract platform, leveraging Solidity for DApp and smart contract development. Our expertise extends to Ethereum-compatible networks such as Binance Smart Chain, facilitating seamless migration. Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned blockchain framework, and Go and Node.js are used for enterprise-grade solutions.

    Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with code that automates predefined actions when certain conditions are met. With our expertise in decentralized applications (DApps), we can create applications that operate on blockchain networks, offering enhanced security and transparency. Providing a controlled and secure environment for your business operations, we deploy private blockchain networks. In addition, we offer token development, blockchain consulting, and custom consensus mechanisms to meet your specific needs. Our technical proficiency and comprehensive blockchain solutions are poised to meet your unique objectives, whether you want to streamline supply chain operations, enhance data security, or explore the possibilities of blockchain-based applications.

    Yes, We specialize in providing tailored blockchain development services tailored to the unique and intricate requirements of your project. Expert blockchain developers create custom solutions that encompass smart contract development, consensus algorithms, and decentralized applications (DApps). Our meticulous alignment of blockchain technology with your specific needs ensures the creation of a bespoke solution that maximizes functionality, security, and scalability. Our team has the expertise to deliver precisely tailored blockchain solutions to meet your technical and business needs, whether you require a private blockchain network, a complex DApp, or the implementation of a custom consensus mechanism.

    Blockchain services offer transformative solutions with applicability across various industries. Sectors such as finance benefit from enhanced security and streamlined transactions, while supply chain management gains from traceability and accountability. Healthcare leverages data security, and real estate benefits from transparent transactions. Additionally, logistics, government, energy, and entertainment industries can optimize processes, reduce costs, and improve trust and efficiency through blockchain services, making the technology versatile and impactful across a broad spectrum of fields.

    The blockchain services industry encompasses solutions and expertise aimed at leveraging the power of blockchain technology. A blockchain is a distributed ledger that offers transparency, security, and decentralization. With blockchain services, businesses can leverage this technology, resulting in several key benefits:

    • Data Security: Blockchain’s cryptographic techniques and decentralized structure enhance data security.
    • Transparency and Trust: A public ledger promotes transparency by recording transactions and data. A transparent company builds trust among users, partners, and customers, which is particularly useful in trust-sensitive industries.
    • Efficiency and Cost Savings: The blockchain eliminates intermediaries, reducing costs and speeding up processes.
    • Decentralized Applications (DApps): Blockchain services can enhance privacy and control over data in decentralized applications. User engagement can be driven by these DApps.
    • Efficient Supply Chain Management: Traceability and accountability are enhanced with blockchain in supply chain management. Fraud and errors can be reduced by tracking products.
    • Scalability: Blockchain services are designed to scale with your business, ensuring that your system can handle growing transaction loads as your project expands.