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Perform powerful targeted marketing

Attract the best leads, interact with them and convert them into sales with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

An image of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing interface, showcasing campaign management, analytics, and customer engagement features.

The goal of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a futuristic marketing automation tool that helps in driving significant customer interactions in digital and physical cross-channel and establish everlasting relationships to achieve business success. It breaks the silos between sales and marketing in a unified strategy that increases return on investment and helps in obtaining better overall results.

Dynamics 365 Marketing provides Sales and Marketing in a cohesive platform packed with capabilities such as:


Convert your prospects to lead and leads to customers

Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities

Attract your Targeted Sector

Use custom audience targeting and campaign content and Target the right people with the help of omnichannel marketing campaigns and marketing automation abilities.

Increase Coordination

Identify and prioritize leads with different lead-scoring models and grades for sales readiness, enhance live and online event management with features for registration, session, speaker, and venue logistics.

Know Your Client's Mindset

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Forms surveys to Monitor your customer's journey and gather information to increase marketing effectiveness.

Dynamics 365 Marketing to solve real marketing challenges

Interactive Customer Journey Creation

With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the customer journey is a personalized model. The app features a Visual drag-and-drop journey designer, where users can create Dynamics 365 workflows, multiple-step, multichannel marketing campaigns, and marketing email messages.

Event Management

A distinguishing feature that sets Dynamics 365 apart is its native event management tool for Marketing Plan, promote, and manage marketing events and webinars. It also offers a portal management system, through which you can create a branded event portal for attendees to manage their profile, attendance, registrations, and get all the information about speakers and event timetables.

Marketing Insights

Along with Dynamics 365 for Marketing is Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights, an Azure-based business intelligence service built to help your business to get a comprehensive picture of their customers through data visualization tools like heat maps. Helps in Planning costs and resources for your marketing activities and roll out your campaigns from a central platform to enable a sleek cost-benefit analysis.

Lead Management

Dynamics 365 for Marketing uses an automated lead-scoring system to analyze leads at every stage of the customer journey based on email engagement, website visits, and event registration, Record the exact results and gauge them based on individual criteria such as channel effectiveness or target group activation- no time and data loss.

Design emails and create landing pages

With simple-to-use drag and drop functionality and 50+ templates, quickly build landing pages, web forms, and emails for campaigns using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing's simple drag and drop functionality, With one platform for all of your information to avoid complicated configuration or synchronization.

We help in the evaluation, planning, and implementation

We can help in implementing these D365 solutions to a wide range of industries, from professional services to distributors irrelevant to your business type. With a combination of experts, peers, and resources we help our clients move their business forward through innovative technology and specialized expertise.

Provide an Immersive customer journey to your prospects

Revinfotech consultants have a high level of advanced experience across several significant industries, Therefore we easily analyze your industry and spend most of our time in helping you find profitable and methodical ways to address your technology needs. We will help you enjoy expansive benefits from these D365 business tools. Whether it is finances or field service operations, Dynamics 365 has tools for all your needs.

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