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It can be a boon to your business to hire a remote software development team. In addition to cost savings, time savings, access to a wider pool of talent, and more – you can gain valuable advantages from a dedicated remote team of software developers. Let’s take a dive into this mammoth piece of information we’ve collected to help businesses like yours.

Online platforms, apps, and websites can be brought to life through remote software development… if you do it right!

It is crucial to make a careful selection of your remote team, since it could make or break your business. Though you could have your hands on the next big idea, hiring a software development team that isn’t capable of thinking strategically, understanding your vision, or future-proofing your digital products will put you behind the curve.

We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups like Nike, Unilever, Yahoo, and the Harvard Business Review, as well as major brands like Nike, Unilever, Yahoo, and the Harvard Business Review.

did-you-know-all-these-companiesIn this guide, you’ll learn how to set up a software development team in your organization that delivers superior products quickly at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house employee.

It is projected that the global business process outsourcing market will grow at a CAGR of 9.4% between 2023 and 2030, reaching USD 525.2 billion.- Grandview Research

Software teams with dedicated resources have several advantages

Dedicated software teams: what are they?

Dedicated software teams are outsourced teams which work full-time on specific projects. They may continue to perform maintenance and improve product features based on customer feedback even after the launch of the product.

Remote software teams perform what tasks?

Business Analysts, Designers, and User Experience experts may work alongside front-end and back-end Software Engineers on dedicated software teams. Project Managers typically provide regular updates, incorporate your feedback, and keep the client’s vision on track as a client.

As modern software development team structures vary from organization to organization, your exact software development team structure will depend on your project’s needs.

remote-softwar-teamDedicated software teams have the following advantages.

1. Effort and time are saved

It is much easier to hire a dedicated team of software developers than assembling one in-house because you don’t need to interview candidates, hire members individually, or deal with labor and compliance issues (vacation, sick leave, benefits, unemployment insurance, etc.).

2. Affordability

You will save money if you hire a competent team, but if you hire an incompetent team, you will waste time and money on fixing their errors.

3. Products of the highest quality

The digital products built by experienced, dedicated software teams are often of higher quality than those created by newly formed in-house teams because they have worked on many projects together over the years. In addition to having systems in place, a good remote development team also knows how to translate ideas into superior products. They also know how to work with clients to translate ideas into superior products.

4. Adaptability

Having a limited staff allows companies to serve customers for a longer period of time without having to hire additional employees, which is one of the major advantages of outsourcing software development.

The global outsourcing market is likely to reach $731 billion by 2023, according to Deloitte.

Getting a team of remote developers?

Where-to-find-remoteHere are resources to help you start your remote development team search. Read the following sections to discover how to select and thoroughly vet your candidates.

You may have heard of the small, fledgling search engine Google? Of course. You probably found this post by searching for it on Google. When searching for development firms, it’s best to start with Google, and if their content appears on the first page, they probably know something about Search Engine Optimization.

2. Websites that review developers

There are a variety of independent client reviews on review sites like G2 and Clutch for development firms worldwide, along with objective information about each firm (e.g., company size, portfolio, location, and major clientele

3. Marketplaces for freelancers

There are a lot of excellent freelancers available on marketplaces like Upwork and Toptal.

A. Workup

A benefit of working with Upwork is their legal protection. The company can connect you to hundreds of talented software developers, and it can help you hire freelancers for all kinds of projects (not just tech projects).

It’s important to read customer reviews before hiring someone on Upwork since anyone can sign up for an account.

B. Intal

This is a very different business model from Upwork and other popular freelance marketplaces. Toptal is usually more expensive than Upwork, but their candidates are rigorously screened.

It’s important to note that these websites are only useful if you want to hand-pick each member of your outsourced development team rather than hire an agency that already has one. You can start building your own software development team with Upwork and Toptal if you’re looking for inspiration.

C. Join LinkedIn!

LinkedIn used to be dull and unwelcoming, but times have changed. Today, LinkedIn is the go-to place for people seeking full-time careers, hiring managers, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals.

You can find freelancers and full-time employees on LinkedIn with its extensive tools. You can also access discussion groups that might connect you with suitable freelancers. With your free account, you will be able to do quite a bit, or you can upgrade to a paid subscription for recruiters.

4. Community Q&A

The best way to find remote software developers is by reaching out to people you have done business with in the past. You can reach out to LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Quora, and others who have hired them.

Remote software developer hiring countries

The-foremost-nations-1The truth is, Revinfotech is based in India, so we’re big fans of outsourcing to India. The country has a very high level of English fluency, so communication errors are virtually eliminated, and Indian firms can offer substantial discounts.

According to Statista, India was considered to be the most attractive destination for offshore business services due to its financial attractiveness and availability of skills and staff.

Considering the points below before looking for a dedicated software development team for your company will give you a better understanding of the factors to consider.

Don’t forget to

  • Know the skills your project or company requires
  • Regulations and laws enacted by the government
  • As part of the set-up process, the team contemplated linguistic and cultural barriers and laid terms and conditions pertaining to your business or project.

The advantages of working remotely from these countries, and why are they preferred?

It is the primary motivation for businesses to outsource their operations to reduce payroll costs and other overheads. India has a lower payroll rate than other countries, including Australia, Canada, the United States, and England. Indian employers outsource to India primarily because they can acquire skilled and talented workers for a very low cost.

It has been a long time since Brazil had such a strong internet infrastructure. The Brazilian legislation on outsourcing in 2017 allows businesses to hire outsourced workers for both core and non-core functions. You can hire Brazilian freelancers to work on your company’s core operations. For businesses based in the US, Mexico is a preferred nearshoring destination. Malaysia has a flourishing IT industry and is an emerging outsourcing market.

Due to its improved digital capabilities, it ranks third in the Kearney Global Services Location Index for 2021.

We do that for our clients at Revinfotech when they need to, regardless of which country you choose. Our development team will shift its work hours to meet your needs better. Obviously, some of our clients prefer that we work while they sleep, especially when we are doing QA testing on in-house-developed products. In the end, it’s about finding someone who can accommodate your individual needs, so wherever you outsource your software development, be sure to find someone who can.

The 7 steps to hiring software developers

How-to-hire-a-software-development-teamGetting married on the first date isn’t a good idea. If you connect well with a sales rep, that’s the beginning!

In order to achieve your goals, you will need to work with your team for months, years, or even decades. Do not rush the process.

Taking time to work with your team will take months, years, or even decades. It is not a process you can rush.

You can build a team that can think strategically, translate your vision, manage your projects effectively, and future-proof your business by working through these seven steps.

Step 1: Take responsibility for your actions

Rather than simply thinking about the app, platform, or website you intend to create, consider your ultimate business goals and how you intend to achieve them. What is your ultimate business goal? Are you planning on building a bare-bones MVP to see how users respond before you spend money developing a more robust product based on feedback from them? Who are your competitors? Do you have a target audience in mind?

Obviously, you don’t have all the answers to these questions, but a good firm can help you clarify your vision. Just make sure you flesh out your idea and then create an RFP that outlines everything. You can get a more accurate quote from potential partners if you send a detailed RFP to them.

Step 2: Gather a list of companies that offer software development services

You can gather intelligence by collecting information about potential tech partners, identifying their pros and cons.

  • Examining the websites of each company
  • By reviewing their portfolios (especially similar work),
  • Visiting websites such as G2 and Clutch to read client reviews

Your RFP should be sent out to all candidates you have identified.

Step 3: Interview the candidate in the first instance


There’s nothing better than a live interview, preferably via Zoom or other video chat. What qualities should you look for during the interview? Do you feel comfortable talking to the company contact? Are they open to answering your questions? Do you feel like you can trust him or her?

  • The ability to ask probing questions to gain a better understanding of your vision.
  • Fluency in languages (including communication skills)
  • Conversation flow (how easy is it to have a conversation?)
  • Understanding the big picture (does the person understand what you’re trying to accomplish?)
  • Do they use any specific methodologies for software development? For example, is an Agile approach (working in sprints) the best fit for your project?

Step 4: Add additional interviews to your list after narrowing it down

As you narrow down the candidates, you’ll want to interview the top picks again. To determine if the team members are a good fit, you should speak with them (e.g., Project Managers, Business Analysts, Designers, and Developers). Ask technical questions to test each member’s knowledge. When you narrow it down to just one or two front-runners, it is exciting to choose, but don’t sign right away.

Step 5: Do your homework

Find out about past clients’ experiences—ask for references. Obviously, anyone that a firm lists as a reference will probably be a big fan of theirs. It is possible, however, to uncover valuable information if you dig deeper and ask tough questions. Can you tell me if they could have done something better? If they are no longer working together with the client, why? Ask open-ended questions to get them talking. People are more open when they speak openly.

Step 6: Learn about the quality and security of your service

Work with a company that has clear coding and QA testing processes, as well as a comprehensive system for handling data and server security.

You should specifically ask about:

  • Standardization of coding
  • A code of practice for coding reviews
  • Refactoring of code
  • Admin infrastructure for servers
  • Practices related to data security
  • A look at how data is stored and how it is protected
  • Employee access levels, password updates, and other information management within an organization.

Step 7: The contract should be negotiated and signed

In order to ensure your interests are safeguarded, get an attorney to review the contract once you’ve found your dedicated software development team. Since this could be a lengthy engagement, there are a number of details to outline.

Working remotely as a software developer

Strategies-for-effectively-overseeingThe benefits and challenges of working on a remote team have become very familiar to all of us since Covid-19 changed the way we work. You won’t have to worry about day-to-day operations if you’re working with a dedicated development team; your project manager will handle it for you. However, you should develop regular communication with your project manager.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with team members, from Business Analysts to Designers, so you can give them directions and feedback.

In this case, you will have to hire contractors yourself, so you must manage their day-to-day tasks. If you hire contractors yourself, you will need to:

  • Clearly define their responsibilities and roles
  • Meetings and regular check-ins are essential to effective communication
  • Engage in occasional conversations beyond the work domain to build rapport
  • Your ability to build trust depends on your ability to pay them on time and respond to any concerns they may have

The following approach can benefit your business and determine the success of your project when managing remote software developers.

1. Interaction:

To maintain regularity, you should establish open communication regarding your goals with the outsourced software development company.

2. Working together:

The right software project management tool can help bring your software teams together and help them achieve the same goal. It lets you define roles and responsibilities within the team.

3. Challenges to overcome:

With remote work and challenges come expected delays, which can derail the project. Addressing them with immediate action plans will prove helpful.

Taking the first step is the beginning of a 1,000-mile journey

The best way to organize a software development team depends on your specific needs (How can Revinfotech help you create the project of your dreams?) It depends on those needs whether you should hire a software development company or if you should organize a software development team on your own. Would you like to explore the dedicated software development team model to develop a digital product idea?


Frequently Asked Questions

Our testing processes place a high priority on data security. To ensure the security of sensitive information, we adhere to a number of protocols, including the anonymization, encryption, and control of access to data. During testing, we use secure environments and data that mimic real-world scenarios without exposing sensitive information. We adhere to best practices for data protection and comply with industry standards and regulations including GDPR and HIPAA. As part of our security testing process, we employ a variety of tools and methodologies to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities.

To ensure the quality and reliability of your software solutions, we employ a comprehensive range of testing methodologies and cutting-edge tools. Our testing approach includes:

  • Manual Testing: We use structured test cases to identify usability, functionality, and design issues.
  • Automated Testing: Automated testing streamlines processes, improves efficiency, and ensures consistency.
  • Unit Testing: JUnit, NUnit, and PyUnit are unit testing frameworks we use to validate the functionality of code units.
  • Integration Testing: We verify the seamless interaction of various system components using tools such as Selenium, Appium, and Postman.
  • Performance Testing: To assess system responsiveness and scalability, we employ tools like JMeter, LoadRunner, and Gatling.
  • Security Testing: Our security testing includes vulnerability assessments and penetration testing using tools like OWASP ZAP and Nessus.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): We collaborate closely with your team to ensure that the software aligns with your end-users’ expectations.

You can count on us to improve the visibility of your website on search engines by using our SEO services. On-page and technical SEO best practices are implemented by our team, content is optimized, and search engine optimization strategies are provided to improve the search engine rankings of your website.

We adhere rigorously to project timelines and deadlines at our software development company. To ensure on-time delivery, we use meticulous project management, agile methodologies, and clear communication. Depending on the scope, complexity, and your specific requirements, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and planning phase. Our project managers then track progress continuously using agile frameworks. We maintain regular status updates and transparent communication channels. Whenever changes need to be made, we let you know promptly while keeping you updated.

We specialize in a wide range of technologies and programming languages, including but not limited to Blockchain, .Net, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, PHP, Wordpress. Our expertise covers web development frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js, as well as mobile app development for React Native, Flutter, iOS and Android. We also have experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and are proficient in database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more. Additionally, we are well-versed in DevOps tools and practices to ensure seamless deployment and ongoing maintenance of the software we develop.

Our company offers a wide range of development services, including:

  • Web Development: We specialize in creating custom websites, web applications, e-commerce platforms, and content management systems.
  • Mobile App Development: We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, from concept to deployment.
  • Software Development: Our software development services cover desktop applications, business software, and cloud-based solutions.
  • Blockchain Development: We have expertise in blockchain technology, including smart contract development and decentralized application (DApp) creation.
  • IoT Development: Our Internet of Things (IoT) development services encompass connecting physical devices to the digital world.

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