Ownership / Funding Policy

Cultivating Success, Nurturing Growth: Unveiling Our Commitment to Ownership and Funding Excellence

With a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and empowerment, RevInfotech takes immense pride in its ownership policy. As a company, we believe every member of our team should be viewed as a stakeholder, not just as an employee. Taking ownership of ideas, work, and contributions fosters innovation. Our ownership policy fosters a culture of responsibility and accountability, ensuring every member of the RevInfotech family has a stake in the company’s journey and a voice in its future.

Our Ownership Structure

As a company, we are committed to transparency and openness as a core part of our values here at Revinfotech. With resp ect to our clients, partners, as well as the broader community at large, we believe in building trust with you. In the following table you will find an overview of how our company is owned.


The Revinfotech company was founded by Navdeep Garg and Lalit Bansal. They have been the driving force behind our company’s growth with their vision and passion for innovation.

Leadership Team

Our company is led by Navdeep Garg , who is the CEO and Founder. Our company is co-founded by Lalit Bansal, who serves as its Chief Marketing Officer. The Director of Human Resources is Poonam Garg. Adamya Moudgil is our Company’s Business Development Representative and Harmeent kaur is our Assistant Manager of Human Resources.


It is understandable that our stakeholders and clients may be curious about the financial support behind our projects and initiatives. The following are some of the sources of our funding:

Bootstarpping: Ownership

Bootstrapped Beginnings

The company was founded as a bootstrapped venture, which means the company's founders invested their time, skills, and personal resources to enable the company to come into existence, and it still remains a bootstrapped enterprise today .

Revenue Generation Icon

Revenue Generation

A substantial portion of our funding is derived from the success of our products and services. By establishing a funding policy, we demonstrate our commitment to sustaining growth and fostering innovation, relying heavily on the trust placed in us by our clients. We believe that a symbiotic relationship is fundamental to our financial strategy, as we are able to earn the trust of our clients and secure the necessary resources to drive ongoing innovation and maintain our trajectory of success by consistently delivering exceptional products and services.

Our Commitment

We adhere to client-centric principles, uphold ethical business practices, and nurture a vision of long-term sustainability through our ownership/funding policy. Revinfotech is dedicated to cultivating relationships with clients, partners, and the broader community in order to achieve genuine success. Through the implementation of a comprehensive ownership and funding policy, we are committed to transparency, accountability, and responsible financial management. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our ownership or funding practices. In keeping with our commitment to integrity and excellence, we strongly believe that open communication is an integral part of our business practices.