Sexual Harassment Policy

Empowering Voices, Ensuring Respect: Our Commitment to a Harassment-Free Workplace

Greetings and welcome to Revinfotech – a workplace that is committed to fostering an environment that fosters a safe and inclusive work environment for all employees. The well-being and dignity of every member of the team are priorities in our quest for excellence and innovation in the IT industry. There is a strong commitment in this policy to maintain a workplace free of harassment in all forms, and to provide a safe working environment for everyone.


This policy applies to all Revinfotech employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors who are associated with the company. As part of this initiative, it is intended to be applicable to all situations related to work, including the office premises, off-site work locations, business trips, company-sponsored events, and virtual interactions with colleagues.

Defining Sexual Harassment

The term “sexual harassment” refers to any unwelcome conduct that has a sexual nature, including, but not limited to, verbal, physical, or visual acts of sexual harassment. A hostile or offensive work environment may be created when an employee is harassed, harmed, or threatened in any way, whether it be through unwanted advances, comments, jokes, requests for sexual favors, or any other inappropriate behavior.

Prohibited Conduct

Our organization strictly prohibits all forms of sexual harassment. Among these are, but are not limited to:


Sexual advances or requests for sexual favors that are unwelcome

Sexually offensive remarks, jokes, or gestures

The display of sexually suggestive material at work is prohibited


An individual is retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment or participating in an investigation

Revinfotech's reporting process for sexual harassment cases

Immediate Action

Report any incident of sexual harassment to your supervisor, manager, or HR representative as soon as possible

Confidential Reporting

Report through designated channels. To the extent possible, your report will be kept confidential

Include Details

Include dates, times, places, and persons involved in the incident when reporting

Alternative Contacts

Use higher-level management or a dedicated HR representative if you're uncomfortable reporting to your immediate supervisor

Anonymous Reporting

Reporting anonymously may ensure privacy and encourage reporting without fear of retaliation


Revinfotech will promptly initiate an impartial investigation upon receiving a complaint.


It is the company's policy to maintain confidentiality throughout the investigation process

Corrective Action

In cases of substantiated harassment, disciplinary measures, including termination, may be taken

No Retaliation

We strictly prohibit retaliation against individuals who report sexual harassment in good faith to Revinfotech

Support Services

Those affected by sexual harassment are offered resources and support services. Contact us at [email protected].

Investigation Process:

As soon as Revinfotech receives a complaint, it will promptly initiate an impartial investigation into the allegation. Once it has been determined that there has been a case of sexual harassment in the company, the company will take the necessary steps to correct the situation as soon as it has been identified. It is possible for disciplinary actions to be taken, up to and including terminating the employee’s employment as a result.

Support Resources

There can be distress associated with experiencing sexual harassment, and we understand that. Due to this, Revinfotech offers support and resources for those who are affected by this issue. In order to cope with the emotional impact of harassment, confidential counseling services and other support mechanisms are available to help individuals cope with their feelings.


As a company, Revinfotech is committed to maintaining a work environment where every employee is treated with respect and dignity. All employees will be expected to adhere to this policy against sexual harassment in order to foster a collaborative, innovative, and professional working environment that helps them to grow as individuals and as professionals as well.

In our effort to ensure a safe and respectful working environment, it is our collective responsibility to play a crucial role. The Revinfotech team is committed to upholding these principles and building a workplace that reflects the values and principles of the company as a whole.