Why Building an MVP is a Good Starting Point before you Build a Mobile App

Navdeep Garg
Why Building an MVP is a Good Starting Point before you Build a Mobile App



The global market is witnessing one trend after another, but some of them seem to be utterly controlling the dynamics. Mobile applications are the biggest thing in the market, and their dominance is undeniable.

While their prominence is uncanny, not every mobile app is as successful as the business wants. Many businesses fail to produce a promising app even with an intuitive idea. So what happens? Why do some apps fail and others succeed?


Well, there are certainly numerous factors to play a part, but building an MVP takes the cake for being the most essential one. If you have ever wondered why you should build an MVP, then this blog is for you.

Here is why building an MVP before the final product is necessary:

Using MVP to Build a Mobile App

MVP is ideal to deal with the issues faced in the traditional mobile development ways. The approach is scalable and both newcomers and veterans can avail of it. The approach lets you test the potency of the idea. A successful MVP reduces the intricate app development process from six months to mere 90 days.

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Why MVP should be Chosen for Startups?

The MVP approach is ideal for startups as it facilitates quick app development and simple marketing alongside efficient UX. Here are the best benefits of MVP for startups:

Assesses the Persona

With an MVP, you get the actual worth of your ideas at an early development stage. This can save you a considerable amount of money while also identifying your target audience.

Checking the Application Performance

An MVP helps you assess your application’s performance in comparison with the desired output. Developers can also ensure that the development procedure is on the right track.

Reduces Development Cost

The more complex your app is, the more funds you require, the riskier it becomes. However, preparing an MVP needs less money, time, and resources. Even if the idea fails, you won’t lose too much capital.

Helps Fix Security Troubles

An MVP allows you the vital window for identifying and resolving any security issues. When you fix these issues at an early stage, you get a bug-free application with a high conversion rate.

Clarifies User Expectations

When your target audience gives feedback, you get an idea of what the users are expecting. With this, you can implement new features into your application.

Enhances the Overall App

An MVP helps you enhance the overall app appearance in general. When the customer feedback is efficiently integrated in the app, you get the desired version of your application.

Things to Remember While Building an MVP

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Here are the top things you should remember during the MVP development process:

Simplifying the Functions

There is no need to overcompensate and complicate the application.Offering a relatively plain yet efficiently functioning app can work wonders. Try to provide value to the users in the simplest form possible.

Making the Ideal Call

The mobile application market has become severely competitive, and launching a unique app has become tougher. Therefore, you should be really cautious while hiring the app developers. Choosing the best mobile app developers is pivotal for your project.

Reassess the Project before the Release

Do not be in a hurry to launch a half-baked platform. Take your time and perform thorough troubleshooting on your app. Only launch your MVP when you are assured about its performance and functionality.

Real-Life Cases of Successful MVPs

Here are some great examples of successful MVPs and how they became one of the best apps.

waterfall mobile app development


What started as a file sharing platform/tool and a small site turned into what we today know as Dropbox. The Dropbox team launched a short introductory video for the platform and it went viral. This helped them get a significant boost in the signups.


The success of the cab-booking application is undeniable. Uber started as a link between customers and drivers, accepting payments via debit/credit cards, mobile wallets and cash.

All these convenient features helped Uber enter the market with a bang and truly rule it. Now Uber is one of the most successful ventures in the world.


LinkedIn started back in 2003 as a startup MVP and offered functions like user invitation, user searching, profile creation, a connection summarization. Slowly it turned into a people finder, recommendation, and a job profile platform.

What after MVP?

After dealing with everything MVP, it is time for launching your product. Utilize and assess every shred of feedback and data you received from the MVP launch.

Even if you are getting major backlash, try to look for the features you nailed, and grow more on that side.  


Building an MVP is a crucial step, especially for startups. The approach facilitates numerous benefits and helps you ease the app development process. The blog has mentioned the best benefits of MVP alongside the top reasons why building an MVP is crucial.

Read through and learn everything about MVP and how to launch a successful app.  

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