What is Google App Engine, Its Advantages and How it Can Benefit Your Business

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Google is at the core of the internet revolution the market is experiencing. No matter what industry you look into, Google has expanded its premium services there. Other than occupying the best search engine space, Google app engine also houses an efficient Cloud platform.

The company has not shied away from decentralizing and expanding in multiple industries. Google app engine is one of the most popular cloud products on the web. It is extensive and integrates IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS comprehensively.

It also incorporates testing, building, and deployment of applications within cloud environment, supporting innumerous users over the globe. If you do not possess the information on the subject and are asking questions like what is Google app and what are its advantages, then the blog will help you out.

Here is everything to know about Google app engine:

What is Google App Engine?


You can define Google App Engine as a hosting and development platform empowering business web applications and mobile games with a framework similar to the one powering Google’s global web apps.

It also packs the qualities of a PaaS cloud platform, which is entirely manageable and utilizes built-services for running the apps. After downloading its SDK, the development can start instantly. After signing up for the cloud account, the app can be built via:

  • Cloud AQL within PHP
  • webapp2 and Jinja 2 within Python
  • Maven within Java
  • HTML Package within Go

The platforms can run on multiple servers as they are sandboxed. You can also use other resources for dealing with any additional demand.

Who does Google App Engine Benefit the Most?

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking for one software to fulfill your major specific requirements? Google App Engine can help you out if that is the case. Under normal circumstances, you hire professionals for building something from nothing or you invest resources in building custom apps.

The former sounds unreliable and while the latter is reliable, it is also costly. That is why GAE (Google App Engine) is ideal for SMEs and entrepreneurs. With the platform, every owner can enhance and scale their apps without any performance compromise.

Top Features of Google App Engine

Languages and Runtime

GAE allows you to use PHP, Python, or Go for writing any app’s engine application. It also allows you to test and deploy an application locally with the SDK tools. With languages possessing specific runtime and SDK, you can also get:

  • Go 1.2 – Go
  • Java 7 – Java
  • PHP 5.4 – PHP
  • Python 2.7 – Python

Standard Features

The features are generally covered under the engine’s service agreement and depreciation policy. In case of any change to the features, it is backward-supported and implemented properly. Such changes comprise process management, data storage, search, retrieval, app configuration, management, and configuration.

  • Data search, retrieval, and storage includes functions like Cloud SQL, search, blobstore, logs, and datstore.
  • Communications comprise functions like URL fetch, Cloud Endpoints, XMPP channel, and mail.
  • Computation comprises suitable images

Preview Features

The said functions will be made generally available for users in future releases. But the functions’ implementation can vary in the backward-unsupported ways due to being in preview. Such features comprise MapReduce, Cloud Storage Library, and Sockets.

Experimented Features

The said functions might or might not become standardly available within the app engine future releases. Also their implementation can vary in the backward-unsupported ways.  

The mentioned functions for trusted testers are selectively available.

Third-Party Service

Users can perform functions unavailable in the product as Google allows helper libraries and documentation for enhancing the app’s capabilities. The same is done by partnering with renowned third-party ventures.

These partnerships usually present special offers to users.

Best Benefits of Google App Engine

Here are the top Google App Engine advantages:

Secure Framework

Google offers one of the securest framework worldwide and it rarely allows any unauthorized access to its servers. Google assures your app’s availability to the globe as it packs impeccable privacy and security policies.

Quick Marketing Time

Marketing a product is pivotal in today’s market and GAE facilitates the same. It helps you easily build:

  • Applications with rich features
  • A backend app within PaaS environment
  • Functional data storage, Cloud SQL, or NoSQL storage  

Simple Start

The app engine can easily start as there is no need for additional hardware or product to be purchased.

Simple to Use

GAE integrates every tool you require for developing, testing, launching, and updating the apps.

Quality Services and APIs

The engine packs numerous in-built services and APIs helping developers build quality and robust applications. The features comprise:

  • Application log access
  • SSL compatibility
  • Services for Page Speed


As Google builds the apps via Big Table, GFS and other techs available while utilizing GAE, its scalability increases.

Users merely need to prepare app codes and the testing part can be left to Google. Engineers and developers can easily scale their apps with best logging, management, and security features.

Reliability and Performance

Google has been a household name for years now, so there is no denying about its performance and reliability.

Cost Minimization

There is no need to hire additional engineers for managing your servers. The saved funds can be used for other business activities.

Platform Independence

Migrating your data to other platforms does not require hefty tasks and there is also no dependency on GAE.

Wrapping Up

Not integrating Google in your routine proceedings severely undermines a firm’s capability. Google has launched numerous initiatives to help out ventures get big on the web. The blog provides vital information on GAE (Google App Engine) and how it is beneficial for your business.

Give it a read to know the best benefits of Google App Engine and get the best cloud services from Oriental Cloud.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Integration Testing: We verify the seamless interaction of various system components using tools such as Selenium, Appium, and Postman.
  • Performance Testing: To assess system responsiveness and scalability, we employ tools like JMeter, LoadRunner, and Gatling.
  • Security Testing: Our security testing includes vulnerability assessments and penetration testing using tools like OWASP ZAP and Nessus.
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