Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing the Businesses

Navdeep Garg
AI and Big Data


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most disrupting business models in the technical world. This is all because of its five key technology attributes as Data Ingestion, Adaptive, Reactive, Forward-looking, and Concurrent. It has acquired deep momentum as it has capitalized under every department right from finance to sales, operation to administration, and HR to marketing. 

All the industries like manufacturing, finance, retail, and real estate are facing different types of issues such as security, incapability to understand the data, analytics, and many more. These problems could be solved by AI. 

How Artificial Intelligence benefits businesses?

Online Security

Security is one of the most important concerns for businesses today. Every organization is finding ways to prevent data from the fraud and deception process. The utilization of AI in companies is to protect their data from the various cyber-attacks and threats of their most important business customer’s data. 

In some organizations, AI is used for identification and avoiding deceptions and it is also implemented for reliable online security for their employees & customers’ data. Industries like banking and insurance are implementing AI for biometrics, voice recognition, face recognition, and preventing frauds. These systems are very much efficient to verify the person and permit them access. 

User Experience 

AI implementation helps you to automate the procedure which can deliver the response to any queries asked by the clients. It is also used to provide a highly personalized user experience. 

In 2020, the companies can actively manage the huge amount of data that is arriving from various related resources. It also can learn from the customer’s requests, inquiries, and deliver the content as per the necessities. 

Data Insight 

Big Organizations have lots of data that is generated from various channels. This is generally used for setting the predetermined value by analyzing the information or data. To understand the business conditions in 2020, there is a need to analyze the data insights that can only be achieved by Artificial Intelligence. 

Decision Making 

Decision making plays a vital role in customer management which includes the understanding of customers’ desires and perspectives to follow products. It has the efficiency to develop value in business decision making. 

In 2020, AI will help analyze the variety of high volumes of data more accurately and faster. Because of the complexity and high volume of data, the analysis task is not performed by humans. It’s only performed by machine learning by applying some methods and takeout meaning full data which can be important in the decision-making process of the organization.  

Inventory Management 

AI can store valuable data that can be used for future demands. It is used to do the predictive analysis of the markets which are expected to generate the business. Large industries use AI for receiving more information regarding clients and visitors. In 2020, all the industries can use AI as it has the efficiency to deliver real-time analytics. 


From the above content, we can conclude that Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in every industry. AI already has a profound impact on technology and finance. In 2020, every business will choose AI for its growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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