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12 Best Tips to Follow While Hiring a Magento Developer

12 Best Tips to Follow While Hiring a Magento Developer

eCommerce platforms have emerged as the next big thing in the market, and numerous brands have joined the wagon in hopes for high profits and quality online prestige. Amidst the rising competition in the domain, Magento has emerged as one the best eCommerce platforms on the web.

Using Magento as the development platform has become the norm in the industry, and rightfully so. The platform is optimized, it offers unmatched customer engagement, and its UX is seamless as well. Although the platform is fairly simple to use, businesses still require a competent developer to capitalize on the massive prospects offered by Magento.

Hiring a competent Magento developer might seem simple on paper, but its execution is fairly complex. You have to go through hours of efforts to find the ideal developer, and this will only happen if you are lucky.

However, all the labour can be reduced if you follow some tips. Here are the top twelve pointers you should go through while looking for a Magento developer.

Top 12 Things to Look Out for While Hiring a Magento Developer

Clear Requirements

The first thing on the quest of hiring a Magento developer is having a clear set of requirements. List every functionality you need in your Magento store and then study all the features.

When you think you have a considerable grasp on the subject, you can look for a developer who is able to check all the marks. Remember to consider stuff like:

  • Customization level
  • Budget
  • Competition
  • Development process

Developer’s Competency


While looking for a reputed Magento developer for building your eCommerce store, shortlist someone who knows more than coding. Your developer should be adept in aspects like designing while also being up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

Also study about some relevant certifications and see if the candidate possesses any one of them.

Field Experience


It does not matter if you are hiring an individual or a company, conducting a field experience check is pivotal. You are hiring the developer to build the best eCommerce store, so he should be capable of doing the same. What better way than showing something similar he has done in the past.

You can check out his past work and determine his worth first hand

Candidate Portfolio


Assess the candidate or firm’s portfolio as they speak heavily about them. A quick check through their history and relations could tell a lot about their skillset and delivery methods. This way you can analyze their merit without having to invest more than a couple of minutes.

Online Prestige and Reference


 If your candidate provides reference, then it is viable to check his validity. Similarly, you can check the online reviews of the Magento Development Company. Their words can lie but the online audience won’t, so give their product pages a look to know what their consumers think about them.

Access to Resources


See if the Magento development company you are hiring possesses apt resources to prepare the best Magento store. The candidate should also have useful relations with people in the industry. Connections go a long way and they even prevail where normal skills fail.

Communication Mode


Communication is the key to a healthy relationship whether personal or corporate. You cannot prepare the best eCommerce store without effectively coordinating with your partner. Therefore, it is crucial for you to establish an efficient mode of communication to share every project-relate detail ASAP.

Cost vs. Quality


While hiring the best Magento development services, you should not only process factors like budget but also quality. Ensure that you will be getting the best Magento developer to carry out the project. Check out the price you will be paying and make sure there are no hidden prices involved.

Development Time


Always make sure you are on the same page as the development company in terms of project progress. You should always stay in the loop to know every little detail about the project. Monitor every major milestone and ensure that the project will be finished in time.

Testing and Quality Check


Always ensure that the developer or the development company possesses apt resources to test the platform’s functionality. Technical work can involve numerous bugs and glitches, so you should ensure whether the developer/company will be able to handle those hurdles.

After Development Services


As mentioned before, developing an eCommerce store can incur time and intricate activities. However, even after everything, there is always a chance of something messing up. In these cases, you should keep it clear with the developer/company on the policies you will follow. Try to hire someone who is willing to offer post-development services to ensure ideal store development.

Security and Stability


Data breaching is an ever looming threat in the digital industry, so it is pivotal for you to maintain utmost security. Practices like FTP, SQL firewall, and personalized path for admin panel are a given.

Moreover, you should also ask for services like two-factor authentication to be part of the project.

Wrapping Up

Magento has emerged as the best eCommerce development platform on the web, so it is reasonable for you to build your presence there. However, doing so is not as easy as it may appear. Therefore, the blog has mentioned some simple tips for you to simplify the process. Follow the tips and hire the best Magento developer for your company.

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