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Image shows Shibarium's distinct dog logo with the platform's name prominently displayed.
Image shows Shibarium's thoughtful dog mascot gazes to the right.
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Shibarium has a specific purpose

It is intended to rival EVM-based Layer 2 solutions such as Optimism and Arbitrum with this, a new Layer 2 protocol developed by the Shiba Inu community. By offering a scalable solution to Shiba Inu community applications, shibarium enables them to handle increased system demands more effectively.

It’s token burn mechanism applies deflationary pressure to $SHIB tokens, making it unique.

Image shows a fearless Shibarium warrior dog, geared up for battle

A chain containing shibarium

This Layer-2 blockchain network was created by the Shiba Inu community on Ethereum. It aims to expand Shiba Inu from a meme coin into a comprehensive ecosystem with DeFi applications, metaverse applications, and blockchain games. To address Ethereum’s scalability issues, It uses a proof-of-stake model to improve transaction speeds, reduce fees, and facilitate decentralized app development.

Income Level Mid-High
Target Location Global
Age Group 18-40
Main Motive to handle increased system demands efficiently

The Target Demographics

Depending on network activity and demand for block space within it’s ecosystem, the amount of SHIB tokens this  will burn remains uncertain. The initial supply of over 1 quadrillion tokens could be significantly reduced if a flourishing ecosystem of DeFi, Metaverse, and GameFi applications emerges, leading to billions of tokens being burned.

SHIB burnt by Shibarium

It fails to gain enough momentum and compete with Layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism, the burn may not have a sufficient impact on the price or fundamentals.

Its primary purpose

Shibarium has a unique token burn mechanism.

Faster Transactions

Shibarium offers faster transaction speeds

Shiba Inus burn coins

A quarter million SHIB tokens are burnt every day by Shiba Inu holders.

Shibarium reveals details of its token burn mechanism

Three percent of the basic fee gets locked away.

Better Performance

Faster transactions and lower fees.

Shibarium protocol

A Layer 2 protocol called Shibarium is in the works






Next JS


Node JS





Shibarium's burn rate with shimmering golden Ethereum coins

Burn rate of Shibarium in SHIB

According to one responder, Shibarium developers had earlier posted that they would burn 111 trillion SHIB annually, which led some respondents to assume that there was some kind of error in SHIB BPP’s post.

Final Result

Shibarium will revolutionize the ecosystem by improving transaction speeds, reducing fees, and facilitating decentralized apps through its Layer 2 protocol being developed by the Shiba Inu community.

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