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PepsiCo: Everyday Delicious Spreading joy

During the development of new foods, we use whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and proteins in our test kitchens. Our R&D team innovates with new technology too: for example, creating an air-fried crisp that’s just as crispy as a chip fried in oil.

With products like Off the Eaten Path’s Veggie Crisps, real veggies can taste great and be fun to eat. In soulboost lift, we’re also adding more functional ingredients such as panax ginseng.

The whole-grain goodness of Quaker Oats, with a history of more than 140 years, is tried and true. And today the demand for wholesome, nutritious food is high. With good reason.

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How Our Solutions Helped?

Revinfotech worked closely with PepsiCo the  India technical team to understand their site performance issues. We primarily focused on website backend performance issues for faster loading time by optimizing the images, customizing Javascript & CSS, and other technical stuff.

The main goal of our team was to give PepsiCo a refreshing look, a more responsive, and user-friendly website while displaying their services. We also implemented some useful techniques to reduce the loading time of the website.

Target Location Worldwide
Age Group 18-60
Income Level Mid-High
Main Motive achieving net-zero emissions by 2040

The Target Demographics

Moving away from fossil fuels is a key component of PepsiCo’s ambitious climate strategy . By powering more of the company’s owned operations with renewable electricity such as solar and biofuels , The company is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its carbon footprint.


Why did PepsiCo choose us?

Having a partnership with Revinfotech improves the possibilities of smoother and faster performance of your website to improve online sales in less time at an enterprise scale. PepsiCo India chose us because of the following reasons- a top-notch web development service agency with a proven success record of managing global clients

Fixed performance issues

We build a fully-functional website from and fixed all performance issues for Wild Stone.

Improved loading time

We formulated faster loading time has been achieved comprehensively.

Free from Bugs

We tested out the pages, themes, and backend procedures before making the final call.

Overall Sales figure improved

As an esteemed tech solution firm ,Sales figures improved across the board.

Good search engine rankings

As an esteemed tech solution firm, Rankings on search engines that are good.

More engaging User-Interface

We proposed for More engaging User-Interface their site.






Mongo DB




Node JS



Image shocases PepsiCo R&D Leader with a Bright Smile.

PepsiCo's R&D leader perfects its food recipes

In her role at PepsiCo, she develops recipes and explores ingredients that will provide consumers with the flavors they expect while also reducing sodium and saturated fat. “I’ve eaten PepsiCo products all my life and having the chance to work with them and improve their nutritional profile is very exciting,” In addition, she is directly contributing to PepsiCo’s pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) transformation to provide better choices for consumers and the planet

Final Result

With a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, PepsiCo is adding carbon-reducing power where it can have the biggest impact.

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