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The Initial Stage

After holding several meetings with Xcoins, we streamlined their priorities and started setting up the platform for them. Since we had previously worked on crypto trading platforms, our experts were quick on the go.

However, Xcoins had a short deadline and the work was relatively significant to withhold. So we decided to highlight the integral sections for the platform:

  • The platform needed to accept payments from Debit cards.
  • It should be compatible with multiple payment options.
  • It must comprise several cryptocurrencies at once.
  • Features to support instant token transfer should be installed.

Image showcases Variety of Bitcoins.

Offering Quality Crypto Services

We assisted Xcoins in strategizing their ideal platform design and theatrics as the web is filled with several crypto trading platforms.
As a result of revInfotech and their discussions, we reached an agreement to build a platform with many well-known cryptocoins and payment options.
There are currently several crypto traders using Xcoins routinely throughout the world.
“We realized a few deficiencies with our strategy during our discussion with RevInfotech. Thankfully, they helped clarify our tactics, and we eventually decided to proceed with Xcoins the way it is today” – Xcoins

Territory Global
Age Group 18 - 50
Income-Level Mid-High
Issues Addressed lack of secure crypto-related platform

Target Audience

When we talked with Xcoins, we realized they did not want their proceedings to be limited due to geographical territories. They wanted to provide a smooth crypto trading experience to the entire world. Their target data appeared to be:

What We Did

We built Xcoins from scratch, and while the experience was rich, it was not easy at all due to a short deadline. We had previously worked on crypto-related platforms, so we knew our way around, but we still had to perform several tasks with limited time to spare.

Website Development

We build a fully-functional website from scratch for Xcoins


No website can flourish without SEO, so we helped the site get into the top rankings.

Frontend and Backend

As the platform was completely under our control, we chose the best frontend and backend services to establish a firm core.

Customer Support

 We equipped the platform with a chatbot and 24/7 availability of tech support.

Coin Implementation

Added esteemed coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and USDT.


Promoted the platform on different social media platforms. We also conducted content marketing and PR before the launch.

Platform Launch

Helped the product launch on the web with style and pre-occupied attention.

Post-Project Services

We routinely Xcoins deal with market shifts and technological advancements.

Tech Stack

We take pride in being a renowned tech solution firm, so our endeavors in the domain were impeccable. Here are the technologies we integrated






Node JS


React JS


Postgre SQL



Image Shows a collection of distinct Bitcoin icons arranged on an electronic circuit board.

Issues We Faced

Other than an impending deadline, we faced the issue of integrating multiple cryptocoins within a single platform. Implementing a payment gateway to accept multiple currencies was another major hurdle we had to overcome while building Xcoins.

Feature Implementation

RevInfotech and Xcoins decided to prioritize speed and security over everything else. Therefore, we designed the platform in a way that lets it quickly transfer tokens to the users.  Moreover, RevInfotech installed the latest security measures on the platform to fend off every malicious threat on the spot.

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