What is the best way to launch my iOS app vs. Android app?

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Choosing between targeting a larger audience with Android or securing early adopters with iOS is overwhelming. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose, you’ll have the confidence to launch your app after reading this article. The choice is yours, Android or iOS – the ball is in your court. Let’s dig in and discover which platform will help your app succeed.

If you want to achieve the goals for which you developed a mobile app, it’s important to get your app in the hands of your customers, employees, or business partners. Should you launch your app first in the Android or iOS app stores? This depends on your intended user base, your goals for the launch, and other factors. To make better decisions when planning your app launch, learn more about the benefits of both major app stores.

A list of the top app stores


app_availThere is a large global app market made up of both Android and iOS apps stores. As of the third quarter of 2023, the breakdown was as follows:

  • 3.55 million Android apps are available on Google Play
  • There are 1.6 million apps in the Apple App Store
  • A few hundred thousand apps available on Amazon’s app store

In addition, understanding the devices people use is important, as this determines which app stores they use. There are many reasons to consider other platforms, but most will be supported by these two. Android and iOS share around 99% of the global mobile device market share, which is great news for businesses developing apps.

You may think that launching on Android will be the best strategy because of its large user base, but you should also check your demographics and determine whether your target audience prefers iOS or Android.


To find out which platform your customers prefer, consider conducting market research. There are simple ways to do this, such as distributing a survey.

Android will be the first platform to launch

The best time to launch on Android is if you don’t have enough information, but you absolutely have to choose one app store over the other. If you don’t have any information, but you have to choose one, you’ll probably pick Android first. You’re likely to get the biggest bang from an Android launch outside of the information that suggests your target users prefer Apple.


The Google Play Store is another good choice if you know your demographics align with those of average Android users.

As of September 2022, TikTok surpassed Instagram, with over 21 million downloads from global users, as the most popular Android app on the Google Play Store.

Finally, if your app isn’t aimed at consumers, you should consider who will use it. Consider the types of devices you will be providing, for example, if it’s for your employees. It is a good idea to launch your app on Android first if you have Android-based company smartphones and tablets. If some people bring their own devices and use Apple, you will ensure a cost-effective rollout by launching on your preferred platform first.

App stores on Android offer several advantages

If you want to discuss the advantages of launching first on the Android app store, here are some points to consider:

1. The number of users is larger

Approximately 2 billion Android users are active on a monthly basis worldwide, making Android app stores a viable channel to reach more users.

2. Platforms with greater openness

A major advantage of Android is its open platform, which allows developers to create unique and innovative apps with greater flexibility and customization. The open ecosystem of Android makes it easier for apps to communicate with each other. This makes it easier for developers to create new and innovative apps.

3. More devices to choose from

Having an Android app means you can target a broader market, including budget-friendly devices and high-end models, since Android has a wider array of devices than iOS.

An Android app store launch has its downsides

Android app store launch, however, is not without its downsides, such as:

1. The development process has become more complex

It is also possible for the Android platform’s open nature to increase development complexity, since there are many different devices and operating systems available. There is a lower entry barrier to the app store, which means more competition. Hire a company that specializes in Android app development to simplify the process.

2. A fragmented economy

This can lead to increased fragmentation, making optimizing your app for all users more challenging. Since there are many different devices and operating systems, ensuring that your app runs smoothly on them is more challenging.

Apple launches first


Similarly, if you plan on launching an employee-facing app on iOS first, you would likely launch it on iOS first if your business relies heavily on Apple products.

Apple-first releases may also be a good option if your target audience is more likely to have iOS devices. For example, if your product is geared toward young, tech-savvy early adopters who travel extensively, they may be more likely to use iOS devices.


According to Statista, 35 percent of iOS app users aged 50 to 64 are older than 25 and 34, compared to 24 percent for newsstand iOS apps.

App stores on iOS offer many advantages

In order to assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve outlined some advantages and disadvantages of launching your app on the iOS app store.

1. Revenue potential is higher

According to Sensor Tower, iOS users spend nearly twice as much on in-app purchases and subscriptions as Android users. App developers benefit from iOS users’ increased spending on apps and in-app purchases.

2. A high-quality user base

In addition to being early adopters of new technology, iOS users generally have a higher willingness to spend money on apps and in-app purchases, giving your app the chance to gain traction and visibility.

3. Process streamlining

You can hire a professional iOS app development company to get hassle-free results because Apple has stricter guidelines for app development. Apple’s strict guidelines simplify the process for iOS app development.

Having an iOS app launch has its downsides

Launching on the iOS app store, however, also has some potential downsides, including:

1. Platform that restricts access

Some developers may find it more difficult to get their apps approved because Apple’s guidelines are more restrictive than those of Android. Apple’s closed ecosystem can also make it difficult for developers to communicate with other apps and services.

2. Users are fewer

As opposed to Android, iOS has a more affluent user base, but it is also smaller, which means that your app on iOS has a smaller potential reach.

Technology-driven decision-making


Depending on the technical and process aspects of your business, you may need to decide where to launch first before the audience does. This particular project may be intended for both platforms at some point, but for whatever reason iOS app development is easier or less time consuming than Android app development. Alternatively, you can launch before the Android app development is complete.

When choosing a platform for your app, you must take into consideration the platforms, platforms, languages, tools, and frameworks that you plan to use.

The most common languages used to develop iOS apps are Objective-C or Swift, while Android apps use Java or Kotlin.

The first step might be to launch on one of these platforms if you already have developers that know that programming language. You should also research which development frameworks and tools are best suited for your app’s specific needs, since different platforms may require different development frameworks and tools.

Furthermore, you should consider the platform’s features and capabilities as well as your app’s target audience and goals. In order to make an informed choice about the platform that will give your app the best chance of success, you need to consider these technical factors.

Discuss timelines and what might come into play when developing apps for multiple platforms with your app design and development partner before you even start development.

Is it possible to launch your app simultaneously on Android and iOS?


Also, you may not have to choose between iOS and Android platforms, as cross-platform app development services allow you to develop apps that can be launched simultaneously on both. It is possible, however, to reach a broader audience and potentially increase revenue by launching on both iOS and Android. However, it will also require more resources, such as developing and maintaining two separate codebases.

A variety of social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber, have been launched simultaneously on both platforms. Additionally, some gaming apps, such as Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Angry Birds, have been launched simultaneously on both platforms, allowing them to gain more users and generate more revenue by leveraging the broader reach of both platforms.

Taking advantage of both platforms simultaneously may not be the best approach for every app or company, and may not be the best solution for every case. Prior to making a final decision, it is important to consider budget, resources, and target audience. In some cases, focusing on one platform may be more beneficial than extending to another.

Plan your app development project with the full picture in mind


Before you decide when and in what order to launch an app, consider the entire picture and all your resources. In mobile app development, it is common to launch an app simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms. Getting them right is better than making a mess of them and getting customers to delete your app and not use it if you can only handle one at a time. However, you must be able to support a simultaneous launch effectively.

Whether you want to launch iOS, Android, or cross-platform apps, Revinfotech offers a wide selection of mobile app development services. Our expert dev teams can design, develop, and launch your app. In addition, we support strong app store optimization in order to increase your chances of being found by the right users wherever your app launches first.

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The UK’s leading provider of sporting news, Haymarket Consumer Media, hired Revinfotech to build the Android version of their successful iOS app, FourFourTwo. A successful partnership resulted in high downloads, positive reviews, and favorable ratings for the Android app.

An app development company can help you expand the reach of your app and cater to a broader audience if you need to do so. Revinfotech ‘ team of experts can help you build a mobile app and make it a winner, just like it did for Haymarket Consumer Media’s FourFourTwo!


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