Making the Old New: Hiring Fresh

Saloni Sardana


A new invention is announced every other day. Doesn’t that mean there’s nothing new under God’s sky? Actually, it’s not true.

It is usually down to evaluating a person’s talent when a company hires someone. Does this person possess a particular skill set? Can they work well with the existing teams? The list goes on.

It is generally accepted that talent is a combination of the skills of a person (read their experience) as well as their potential (read their aptitude and attitude).

Almost always, skill overpowers high potential among these. It’s not because companies are inconsiderate towards students, it’s probably because they want to hire for skill to speed up their growth, and maybe even minimize or avoid the investment in upskilling.

In our opinion, hiring a grad student right out of college does not make sense. Is it the right thing to focus solely on skills at the expense of potential?

Many companies ignore the fact that they’re losing out on a fresh perspective and their connection with youth when they don’t hire young people fresh out of college.

A person’s life and career are shaped largely by their potential, not by their experience. When you hire people with potential, but no experience, you are essentially shaping their future.

Your employees become ambassadors of your company’s worklife, taking on your culture, ethics, and practices.

In addition, hiring fresh talent can also bring you new perspectives. Sometimes, this can lead to discoveries you might have missed otherwise.

As a result, we reached out to the young talent in our city and hired them. We conduct interviews on campus or host college students in our office. We then put all applicants through a writing, technical, and interview process.

How does this process teach us something?

1. Documentation:

The first round of our application process involves engaging 200 – 250 students. They write a quiz, selecting the answers that make the most sense in their minds. Students are challenged in different areas to determine how well they communicate their talents.


We are a 20-year-old software company, so it made sense for us to put students through technical challenges in the second round. Hands-on use-cases were used to judge applicants’ skills and ability.

3. A resource that goes beyond the basics:

I love talking to a student face-to-face, and getting to understand him or her better. In order to succeed over the years, Revinfotech has established a culture based on certain values, which we strongly believe should be respected and cared for by the person we hire.

You’ve hired the best fresh talent for your company when you combine paperwork and tech talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Saloni Sardana
Article written by

Saloni Sardana

Saloni, a skilled software tester with a passion for ensuring top-notch quality in every project. With a keen eye for detail, Saloni excels in crafting and executing comprehensive test plans. Her commitment to delivering bug-free software is evident ... read more

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