Emerging Technologies in Blockchains
Emerging Technologies in Blockchains

Webinar on Blockchain Auditing Service

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on demand webinar

    Date: Friday, Apr 19, 2024 Time: 4:45 PM TO 5: 00PM IST Duration: 15 minutes


    • Navdeep Garg
      Mr. Navdeep Garg Founder & CEO, Revinfotech
    • Lalit Bansal
      Mr. Lalit Bansal Co-Founder Revinfotech / Eiysys
    • Preetam Rao
      Mr. Preetam Rao CEO-QuillAudits

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    About Webinar

    With more than 400+ hacks in the last couple of years, there is a growing demand for high-quality web3 security service providers.

    We can save your Blockchain, Defi and NFT Apps from unprecedented exploits through Auditing . An audit of a smart contract is mandatory for projects that intend to deploy smart contracts or list their tokens on an exchange

    Blockchain auditing ensures decentralized ledger systems are trustworthy and secure. It also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, safeguards stakeholder interests, enhances transparency, and promotes the widespread adoption of blockchain solutions by ensuring their reliability and accountability.

    Webinar Agenda

    • Securing Trust Through Transparent Chains:Your Blockchain Auditing Partner
    • Why Audit Smart Contracts?
    • Blockchain Auditing service Process
    • Our Blockchain auditing service team is at your service
    • What makes Revinfotech the best choice for smart contract auditing?
    • Our Custom Blockchain Development Services
    • Real-World Use Cases and Success Stories
    • Interactive Q&A Session

    Why Attend?

    There are several compelling reasons for individuals and organizations to attend a Blockchain Auditing Services webinar:

    The following are the answers to the questions that were asked during the live webinar.

    • Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from expert speakers who have hands-on experience in blockchain auditing.
    • Stay Informed: Stay Informed: In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, staying informed is crucial.
    • Security and Compliance: Understand how blockchain auditing can enhance the security and compliance of your organization's blockchain systems.
    • Interactive Q&A: Engage with industry experts and get answers to your specific questions.
    • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals, CEOs, CTOs, blockchain developers, and auditors.
    • Future Proofing: Attend this webinar to future-proof your knowledge and skills as blockchain technology disrupts various sectors. Stay ahead of the curve in blockchain auditing.