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Impress people with your good manners

An elegant, well-groomed man will always catch the attention of every eye at the party when he smells good.Wearing the right fragrance can help you stand out from the crowd.The best way to leave a good impression is to manage your body odour.
Your fragrance is just as important as your clothing.It helps you leave a good impression on others.

When you enter a room, a good deodorant can prevent people from turning their noses up at you and attract everyone’s attention.So, wear the best one that suits your style.In all walks of life, a simple touch of good fragrance can work wonders.


This evocative image captures the essence of Wild Stone in three compelling scenes.

How Our Solutions Helped?

Revinfotech worked closely with the Wild Stone India technical team to understand their site performance issues. We primarily focused on website backend performance issues for faster loading time by optimizing the images, customizing Javascript & CSS, and other technical stuff.

The main goal of our team was to give Wild Stone a refreshing look, a more responsive, and user-friendly website while displaying their services. We also implemented some useful techniques to reduce the loading time of the website.

Target Location Worldwide
Age Group 18-60
Income Level Mid-High
Main Motive Impress people with your good manners

The Target Demographics

In every aspect of life, a touch of good fragrance works wonders.It only takes seconds for a good fragrance to win over a crowd, whether it’s at work, a party, or a private dinner.
Our deodorants for men from Wild Stone are designed to help you achieve your dreams.

The problem of body odour is a serious one for all men, but it is especially severe for those who exercise, work out, or sweat a lot.The best deodorant for men in India is the best choice for those living in muddy and hot climates

Why did Wild Stone choose us?

Having a partnership with Revinfotech improves the possibilities of smoother and faster performance of your website to improve online sales in less time at an enterprise scale. Wild Stone India chose us because of the following reasons- a top-notch web development service agency with a proven success record of managing global clients.

Fixed performance issues

We build a fully-functional website from and fixed all performance issues for Wild Stone

Improved loading time

We formulated faster loading time has been achieved comprehensively.

Free from Bugs

We tested out the pages, themes, and backend procedures before making the final call.

Overall Sales figure improved

As an esteemed tech solution firm ,Sales figures improved across the board

Good search engine rankings

As an esteemed tech solution firm, Rankings on search engines that are good

More engaging User-Interface

We proposed for More engaging User-Interface their site.












Ruby on rails

Image shows a diverse line of Wild Stone products.

The Challenge

As a leading perfume and grooming service provider, their website must have a quality online presence in the beauty & grooming industry.

The old website of Wild Stone was a bit static and non-responsive to mobiles. The UI was not user-friendly and because of the sluggish website, customers find it challenging to explore more about Wild Stone services.

In addition, be sure to look for the barcode on the packaging. The barcode should be placed on the lower back portion of the package, not on the sides. Another thing to look for is if the packaging has any excess glue or tape. Real perfume shouldn’t have any glue residue or extra tape inside.

Final Result

Results don’t lie. This is what we have achieved in a short period of time and we have a lot planned ahead. Over a given period, Revinfotech useful IT strategies helped Wild Stone India website performance increase significantly.

With more careful and strategic planning, we are ready to provide such value to all our present &  future clients.

Let us maintain your website so you can focus on your business. To know more about our company, you may contact us or visit our website here.

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