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You can get paid with Kachyng!

A payments technology company based in San Francisco has opened its India operations to simplify online transactions for consumers and businesses. Kachyng was founded by Resh Wallaja with the goal of changing online transactions in the country as well as converting advertisements into digital stores. In most cases, consumers need to provide their credit card information along with passwords and OTPs to shop online. A four-digit wallet code and a single click would replace this lengthy process.

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A developer-designed product

The Design System is built natively to split component work from product work in a nested environment. By using a Design System, developers can avoid customizing components directly in production code, which could lead to problems of consistency and maintenance.

As a designer, creating positive bonds with developers can be challenging due to their differing perspectives on the design process. Here’s how to work with a developer effectively.

Age Group 18-60
Location Global
Income-Level Mid to High
Gateway for full-stack payments

The Target Demographics

Unlike other ventures of its kind, Kachyng was aimed at a global audience regardless of their expertise and prior experience. While its main audience being a rational adult capable of comprehending the basics.

Since we were given a specific target to achieve, our work was simplified a notch as we progressed.

The full stack of payments

With a merchant account, we handle everything for you, providing 100 processors in 100 countries and storing cards for you. We also design product pages, orders, shopping carts, and shoppable ads.

Use-Case Scenarios

The purpose of the use-case scenario is to define user goals, what they want to accomplish, and the best way to present the information they need. We'll also define.


we helped Kachyng launch the platform in a grand manner. From PRs, product launch, SEO, to SMO, we paved the path for Kachyng’s successful launch.

Tech Stack

We take pride in being a renowned tech solution firm, so our endeavors in the domain were impeccable. Here are the technologies we integrated.and we take great pride in exclaiming our tech-stack.

Post-Project Services

We routinely Kachyng deal with market shifts and technological advancements.

Platform Launch

Helped the product launch on the web with style and pre-occupied attention.

Customer Support

We equipped the platform with a chatbot and 24/7 availability of tech support.




Node JS






Mongo DB



Image shows a Explore Convenient Payment Methods on Kachyng.

The right way to do B2B payments

B2B payments can take weeks and involve a lot of labor. Every day of delay robs your business of cash flow. B2B payments amount to over $20 trillion and are mostly done through checks and ACH transfers.
As a result of the contractual agreement between the buyer and supplier, B2B payments can take the form of one-time or recurring transactions. Due to the fact that B2B payments require more time to approve and settle the transaction than B2C payments, they are more complex than B2C payments. A B2C transaction is typically settled immediately, whereas a B2C transaction is typically processed on-site.

Final Product

RevInfotech and Kachyng decided to prioritize speed and security over everything else. Therefore, we designed the platform in a way that lets it quickly transfer payments to the users.  Moreover, RevInfotech installed the latest security measures on the platform to fend off every malicious threat on the spot.

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