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IndaHash Requirement

Client was looking for an experienced team to develop a tracking system which can record and track the traffic coming to his website. The client wants that the tracker must be able not only to track and record the traffic but also store the data in Block Chain so that it can be used in future.

Vendor staff must be able to synchronize the complete project into phases such as to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency along with meeting deadlines.

influncer marketing solutions

RevInfotech Solution

IndaHash is a free application that allows digital influencers to earn money by participating in brand campaigns on their social media profiles.Digital influencers are able to see their remuneration even before they decide whether to participate in the campaign or not.The mobile application is free and available for smartphones with iOS and android.Users who meet the relevant requirements earn money by publishing content in accordance with the tasks sent by brands.

Accepted influencers get access to the choice of campaigns for which they meet the criteria set by brands. The individual rate (remuneration) for a published post is calculated by the system automatically based on the extent and the involvement of a given influencer.

Territory Global
Income-Level Mid-High
Age Group 18-40
Issues Addressed Dive deep into the topic

The Target Demographics

IndaHash allows digital creators to earn money by participating in brand campaigns on their social media profiles. Once logged in, creators can view campaigns broken down by IndaHash. Creators receive information containing conditions and tasks that need to be met to complete the assignment by clicking on details. Once the task is completed correctly, creators are paid.

Influencer marketing platform with self-service capabilities

Manage influencer marketing activities easily and efficiently with an all-in-one platform. Find the perfect content creators, form long-term partnerships with them, store and moderate everything. Moreover, you get insightful auto-generated reports and avoid too many spreadsheets. Keeping everything on track requires task management and chat features. Sounds amazing, don't you think?

Enhancing the content of influencers

The influencers we follow across multiple platforms influence us without our even being aware.

Establish long-term relationships

Building long-term relationships with influencers is easier with an influencer marketing platform.

Planning the media

With our team's extensive experience across countries and platforms, we are able to provide more precise forecasts to our clients.

Fast execution and support

Fast execution and support are two of the primary advantages of running ads with indaHash.

Make information a priority

Due to the unique nature of every company, influencer marketing campaigns also differ.

Status of partner

Having specific account managers for each platform (Facebook, TikTok, Google) allows us to resolve issues more quickly.




React JS


Mongo DB


Node JS



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The most common problems with the indaHash app

Your device may have some issues or you may have an internet connection problem that prevents the indaHash app from working for you. If you think that indaHash app has an issue, please post your issue using the comment box below, and someone from our community may be able to help you. For now, you can also try these fixes.

A common issue with Android is that when you open an app, you will see the screen go black for a couple of seconds before the app crashes with or without an error message.


Client Feedback

Client highly appreciated the work and also said that he is very happy with the positive feedback and the work that has been taken into consideration to make his project a success.


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