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Run industry-specific models at the Edge for all your use cases

There are so many products like DIGITAL SIGNAGE, Airport Ground Operations, INTELLIGENT AUDIO and TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT.
DIGITAL SIGNAGE- In order to make the greatest impact on your customers, Guise AI analyzes camera streams to generate meaningful insights.
Airport Ground Operations – In order to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, airports, airlines, and aviation authorities must implement high-impact strategies.
Intelligent Audio- Experience the next level of noise cancellation with the new Guise AI assisted intelligent audio with improved audio filtration and customizable noise cancellation.
Traffic Management- Improve city route planning and design with real-time accurate analytics.
The rise of smart cities is a result of smart analytics.


How Our Development Team Approached for this Project?

Our team is well-equipped with the web development skills which assured the client to hand over the complete project to us. We have allocated a dedicated team of project manager, analyst developers, web designers, QA Testing Engineer and support team for this project.

Our team was mainly focused on the performance of the system and stability due to its huge user-base.

Target Location Worldwide
Age Group Accessible by Everyone
Income Level Low-High
Main Motive AI AT THE EDGE

The Target Demographics

Guise AI at the Edge makes AI easier to use with low latency and less bandwidth, while still maintaining expert levels of accuracy, speed and privacy.
With our hardware-agnostic solutions, you can scale up with your existing infrastructure.

Why did Guise AI choose us?

We began the project with a research phase so Guise AI could get to know us and explain our goals. Their team has helped us with the wireframe building and content development to understand the internal expertise better.

Identifying the End-Goal

The first task was to build a web system that consists of robust dashboards KYC, certificate etc.

Wireframing of Project

These steps include system analysis, requirements, design, web design, testing, and much more.

Free from Bugs

We tested out the pages, themes, and backend procedures before making the final call.

Fixed performance issue

We build a fully-functional website from and fixed all performance issues for Guise AI

More engaging User-Interface

We proposed for More engaging User-Interface their site.






Node JS


Mongo DB


React JS




Airport Ground Operations

In order to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, airports, airlines, and aviation authorities must implement high-impact strategies. We generate meaningful insights from camera streams to optimize airport ground operations and enhance the customer experience – reducing turnaround time at the gate and increasing safety on the tarmac.
Airline detection
Aircraft gate arrival time
Aircraft gate departure time

Final Result

Results don’t lie. This is what we have achieved in a short period of time and we have a lot planned ahead. Over a given period, Revinfotech useful IT strategies helped Guise AI website performance increase significantly.

With more careful and strategic planning, we are ready to provide such value to all our present & future clients.

Let us maintain your website so you can focus on your business. To know more about our company, you may contact us or visit our website here.

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