What is Cloud Computing?

Resources are retrieved from the internet through web-based tools and applications, rather than a direct connection to a server. Data and software packages are stored in servers. However, cloud computing structure allows access to information as long as an electronic device has access to the web. This type of system allows employees to work remotely.

What is Cloud Computing?

RevInfotech Public Cloud

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud allows systems and services to be easily accessible to the general public. Public cloud may be less secure because of openness, e.g. e-mail.

RevInfotech Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud allows systems and services to be accessible with in an organization. It offers increased security because of its private nature.

RevInfotech Community Cloud

Community Cloud

The Community Cloud allows systems and services to be accessible by group of organizations.

RevInfotech Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is mixture of public and private cloud. However the critical activities are performed using private cloud while the non-critical activities are performed using public.

Benefits Of Cloud

  • Reduce spending on technology
  • Globalize your work force on the cheap
  • Reduce capital cost
  • Improve accessibility
  • Improve flexibility
  • Less personal training is needed
  • Monitor project more effectively
  • Achieve economic of scale

Why Now?

  • The acceptance and proliferation of hardware virtualization and multi-tenant applications
  • The Internet has become ubiquitous and an accepted method of connecting providers with customers.
  • ISPs/Telcos are offering robust, redundant and managed corporate intenet service enabling service consolidation efficiencies.
  • The cost verses risk equation has tipped toward shared solutions
  • Computing capabilities are being seen as an ongoing service rather than an internal capital expense
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Why do this?

Cloud Applicaton Development

For a single window cloud services ranging from design, development and maintenance of cloud based apps

  • RevInfotech AWS Development

    AWS Development

  • Google Cloud Development

    Google Cloud Development
  • RevInfotech SAAS

    SAAS Application Development

To get the best benefits of Cloud, choosing an expert cloud application development partner play an important role.

At RevInfotech, we design, implement and maintain web and mobile applications on the cloud. Coupled with faster development cycles, as am emerging cloud application development agency, we ensure that the valuable customers can have easy access to all the latest updates and new features to run their business smoothly and better.


Rather than using expensive and heavy softwares, databases, platforms and infrastructures at your end, one can use all these as services from a remote location. All the data is stored on big servers and can be accessed with internet connectivity.
Saas is Software as a Service, PaaS is Platform as a Service and IaaS is Infrastructure as a Service. These are the basic services offered by cloud computing.
RevInfotech’s cloud solutions are affordable and fall directly in your budget. You can ideally work from any place of your choice as long as you have the internet connectivity. You don’t have to buy heavy machines to store the data or expensive softwares. Store your data right in the cloud.
There are essentially four types of cloud solutions.
  • Public Cloud: This cloud makes the services accessible to general public.
  • Private Cloud: As the name says, it follows a restricted access for eg within an organization.
  • Hybrid Cloud: It holds both public and private clouds depending upon the activity performed.
  • Community Cloud: Here the accessibility is given to a group of organizations.
By using cloud services, you can easily expand your reach and can globalize your work. If you are working in an organization or individually, it will lessen down your capital investment. Cloud Solutions will help you track and monitor your services more effectively.
When you choose cloud solutions, you just need to sit back and relax. All the web applications ensure the latest platforms and versions. All the updates are done automatically.
This is the biggest advantage of using cloud computing. You just need to pay for what you use. According to your demand you can add or remove the servers.
RevInfotech works with the most trusted and secure clouds offered by Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAAS application Development (SASS).
Your data is 100% safe and secure on a cloud. We have years of experience in cloud computing, so you can be sure of that.
The professionals at RevInfotech design, implement and maintain all your web & mobile applications on cloud. We ensure faster and channelized development cycles so that you get ample time to market.

Is your business ready for Cloud Computing?

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