Fire Token


Fire Token is the token based on Ethereum Block chain.

EOS Requirement

The client in this project wants to develop a token of himself which will be completely based on ethereum Block chain.
Fire Token is the first fully decentralized block chain based, cross platforms RENEWABLE voting system.

  • The developer must have a deep knowledge of the ethereum block chain and must be able to understand the concept of itand its working.
  • The Development team must be able to synchronize the complete project into phases such as to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency along with meeting deadlines.


Technology Stack

EOS, Template C, Socket, Node.js, React, js

RevInfotech Solution

Fire Token is the ethereum based token. Fire Token provides our members with an opportunity to earn token rewards through staking or proactively vote and e in our large volume marketplace action movements. Weekly polls provide accurate market indicators, and members get access to live collective based exclusive market information.
Members can stake Fire token in any ERC20 compatible wallet by 3 simple steps:-

  • Register an account with Firetoken on our site and credit the account with Firetoken.
  • Enter the ERC20 wallet address you would like to use for staking.
  • Enter the amount of Firetoken you want to stake in that ERC20 wallet and click STAKE.
  • The tokens will be sent to that ERC20 wallet, and the Firepower points earned from staking will be sent to your dashboard on our site.
  • Firetoken community is THE FIRST PLATFORM to incentivize their members for their voluntarily submitted data.


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