Why Choose Flutter for Your Next Cross-App Development Project?

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Are you curious about Flutter app development and wondering if all the market buzz about Flutter is true or just an overhyped bubble? We all have heard about Google’s open-source cross-platform platform and its promising benefits. But still not sure, should we choose it or not.

Whether you are a developer or owner of any startup company, you may have to go with the best decision for your organisation. If you’re thinking about how Flutter fits better with our business goals? That’s exactly where we are here to provide the most reliable and valuable insights about Flutter App Development. With this blog, you will know how it can help you build better, faster, and beautiful apps that give you amazing performance without compromising your budget. The best framework for successful mobile app development in 2021 is here!

How Much Progress Made By Flutter So Far

In late 2018, when Flutter was invented, it gained more popularity than React Native in a couple of years. Last year, Flutter development gained sudden popularity in the tech industry. Let’s take a deeper insight into what makes Flutter development services a popular choice of several developers and business owners across the world.

Due to fast-paced moving industry trends, many business owners are looking for optimal mobile app development solutions to reach a wider audience. The fierce market competition compels all the companies to launch their own mobile apps more quickly. Flutter development offers a wide range of UI kits to build high-scale mobile apps in the least possible time. Also, it has a large community for support and assistance. Mobile developers can reach out to the community whenever they encounter any problems during app development.

Reasons to Choose Flutter App Development

Worldwide Accessibility for Developers

This is one of the prime reasons why Flutter achieved such a huge popularity on both the open-source platform StackOverflow and GitHub. It works faster than React Native. All you need to do is hire a top-quality Flutter app developer to help you get future-oriented and efficient mobile apps.


Many Android and iOS app development solutions are using Flutter for its various benefits. Flutter offers a wide range of widgets that can be customized easily irrespective of their complexity. Flutter supports six operating systems. It simply means just make one base code and with slight syntax changes, launch your app on any of the following systems:

  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • macOS

Minimised Development Time 

During app development, you need an efficient coding ecosystem. So, when it comes to Flutter, flutter only uses a single code base system which takes comparatively less time to write, test, and launch an ideal mobile application. It provides an option of “hot reload” where you can see all the applied changes quickly. You don’t need to hire app developers for every small update and issue. It saves a lot of time and effort for companies.

Customised User Interface

Flutter has the added advantage of cross-platform development where you can customize any type of animated UI without compromising its complexity and quality whenever it is needed. It eventually reduces the workload of developers and makes the process easy and flexible. For the successful launch of any mobile app, UI still plays a crucial role.

Let’s summarise all the reasons why Flutter is considered by startups?

With a stable and separate codebase, it allows you to make compatible applications for all stages, including iOS and Android.

  1. Any startup business that has a cash crunch can spread this business on all the important stages with the Flutter applications that have low advancement costs.
  2. Hot reload features faster the development process and allows the developers to see real-time updates and changes.
  3. Your app will run seamlessly as Flutter has an efficient GPU rendering UI that can run on multiple interfaces.
  4. Flutter apps support multiple IDEs like Android COde, Visual Studio Code, and Xcode.
  5. The most important reason to consider Flutter app development, your bug-free app will be ready to launch in no time due to its less development time.

Wrapping Up

To sustain this immensely competitive market, it is pretty evident that you need an out-of-the-box app idea. Flutter has successfully passed its initial stage and is improving with each passing day and is considered as one of the best app development platforms with all its perks. As we have already discussed, if you are the owner of any startup company or having a tight budget, you can RevInfotech for Flutter App Development Services. Hire our best mobile app developers for Flutter and grow your business on a small budget.


This blog is for information purposes only. We strongly advise our readers to do their diligence about views expressed in the blog and our company is not responsible for anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    How do I choose a trustworthy app development company?
    Here are a few things to remember to choose a reliable mobile app development partner:
    • Choose a partner that cares about its clients.
    • Never compromise on technology experience and domain expertise.
    • Check out your development partners’ portfolios, customer testimonials, and references.
    • Observe how they approach communication and how much they pay attention to your vision.
    • Ask the right questions to help you choose easily.
  • 2

    Why is India preferred for app development outsourcing worldwide?
    Here are a few reasons why India is one of the preferred outsourcing destinations:
    • The average outsourcing charges in India are $18 – $40, which is way more affordable than in developed countries like the USA, $38 – $63.
    • India has a large pool of native-English speakers who’re highly proficient in their work.
    • With an Indian outsourcing partner, you can access 24×7 support and specialized IT talent.
  • 3

    How much time does it take to develop an app?
    Depending on the complexity of a mobile app, it can take several weeks to several months to develop it. An app like Uber takes around 1200 hours to develop. On the other hand, a dating app like Tinder can be developed in 1000 hours.
  • 4

    Freelancers vs. app development company – which one is better?
    Pricing-wise, freelancers appear to be more affordable. However, they offer no accountability for your mobile app. You can’t hold them accountable if the app doesn’t turn out to be as expected. On the other hand, an app development agency takes complete responsibility for your mobile app. Hence, an app development agency is better than a freelancer.

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