SC Blinds

For the 2021 collection, Alex & Georgie were particularly inspired by the solar system and ultimately the idea of taking people to another dimension that is colourful, exciting, positive & enchanting. After such a tumultuous 2020 they felt it was more important than ever for the palette, look and feel of the collection to evoke empowering, magical, and transcendent energy taking people to another reality – a wonderland! By injecting pops of colour that almost look edible and have connotations with happiness & positivity, adding secret pockets within the garments, using unique metallic, glossy finishes and having a specific “space” direction across all visual assets, they felt they could instil this “leaving reality” concept. A strong focus was also put on quality, durability and wearability. Each design is water and wind resistant, all hardware is strong and durable and lastly the duo have used a vegan, faux down fabrication to fill the puffers that is light weight, breathable yet toasty warm.


CUSTOMER:    SC Blinds
DATE:      Feb 05, 2021
TAGS / TECHNOLOGY:      Blinds