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Welcome to Paws a While with Me – we are here to care for your furry or feathered family when you are unable to be there.I have been established since October 2013 after leaving the NHS after 30 years of service as a nurse to transfer the wide range of skills learnt into my passion for pets. I have gained a diverse range of experiences by having pets in the family all my life which now extends to looking after cats, dogs, chickens, birds, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish. I have also worked in dog kennels, catteries , involved with local charity dog shows and K9 rescue in helping rehabilitate fostered and disabled dogs from overseas. I am also a volunteer for Facebook Animal Homechecker and Transport Team UK. I own ( or they may own me!) 2 rescue cats from the RSPCA and New Start Cat Rescue…. both with different purrsonalities! We have two adopted rescue English Springer Spaniels who have settled in well and socialises well with our doggy guests.



Paws a While With Me




Feb 05 , 2021

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