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In this day and age, the use of chemicals in homes is more prominent than ever. We have found, more often than not, that people are unaware of just how many toxic chemicals they encounter in their everyday life, let alone their own homes. We don’t always have a choice where we live, but decreasing the odors, allergens and chemicals we breathe makes everyday living remarkably more healthy and enjoyable. Anything you can smell in a space is literally a physical particle in the air. Air “fresheners” are chemicals that simply mask other chemicals, toxins or odors so you don’t smell them. The use of activated charcoal to purify the air indoors is a simple and natural method that has been used for thousands of years. It’s not something you turn on and off. Colin & Bella air purifying bags are linen pouches filled with activated charcoal. You leave them in whatever space you’re trying to freshen and the purifying process begins to continuously filter the air. They’re unscented and naturally absorb moisture, particles and odors from the space.



Colin & Bella




Feb 05 , 2021

Air Purifier Activated Charcoal