CHSC(Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre)



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The Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre is a leading clinic for complementary therapies in Gloucestershire, offering around twenty-five different well-established therapies such as Acupuncture, Allergy Testing, Osteopathy, Homoeopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology and many more. We treat around 300 patients per week in a friendly and professional clinic where the highest standard of patient care is our priority. All our practitioners are fully qualified, fully insured and registered with relevant professional bodies. Many of our practitioners have been practising in their field for many years so are highly experienced. Complementary therapies can and often do work effectively alongside orthodox treatments. Many hospitals in the UK now actively refer patients suffering from conditions as diverse as IBS, ME, cancer and back pain. Increasingly GP surgeries are also introducing therapies such as acupuncture–albeit on a limited basis. At the Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre, we do not describe our services as ‘alternative’ – there is no strict dividing line between the therapies we offer and those provided by conventional medicine.



CHSC(Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre)




Feb 05 , 2021

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