May 15, 2017

Please share me idea

By RevInfotech

From Donald (DL) Ward*. Originally published 22Feb16.This idea came Last week when I try to approach two Strategic Alliances and discuss business opportunity. One Strategic Alliances meet in this week and another one give response but not taking any initiative 

Same thing i do for Client /sales .No success with two client. because every client need customize services

I had a very pressing action to Brand myself as the Connector I am versus a business development agent for any given company.

You can't really get away from doing the latter, and in fact you want to let people know how proud you are to be networking on behalf of the my company paying you to do so ...always.

However, people gravitate towards Business Connectors who know lots of Decision Makers, vs Sales People that have sold or not sold a number of Decision Makers.

Though I don't make a big deal about the size and gamut of the types of connections I am so honored to facilitate each week, it would make more sense to do so than push the merits of any Brand or Company.

One on One's are where you really benefit from revealing your passion and reason for being the face of Company X or Brand Y. Here again it is always about not trying to sell someone on why this firm is so awesome.

If you are of great service to the people you have your one on one's with, they will want to know more about what you do or have to offer them or people they care about. 

When people respect you....they will automatically respect the firm(s) you are paid to Network for. My agenda in Networking is to HELP PEOPLE with company growth . That is it.  

When you are ASKED for your card you are now seeing that YOU have in some way connected at the Heart Level. 

People don't ask people they are struggling to tolerate for their business cards.People also don't keep the business cards of the people that inflict their business cards on them. 

People do keep the cards of people that they are honored to meet and that have made them feel honored to have been met. One recurring theme in any message on Networking I write is the power of HONOR.

Whatever you Honor will Honor you.  I've almost always said...Honored to meet you when I met someone, and I've never not said it one more time when the conversation with my new friend has ended. 

What effect has that had on my networking? I am the one that typically has a couple people deep waiting for an Intro to me.  Do I have dollar signs on my forehead? No.  What I have is a reputation of loving people and connecting them coaching them, encouraging them, honoring them with huge connections or business tips.

I don't have meaningless conversations unless it is for the purpose of just having fun with someone who has an off center sense of humor. Do people thank you for the little time they have with you when they leave your presence?

Do they ask you what they can do for you? If they don't it is likely because you never showed any real interest in helping them.

Being Friendly is nice, Being Helpful is far better though. 

When I am with someone if someone else pops into my mind, I do not hesitate to tell them who just popped into my head while we were talking. If they ask me why I think they should meet that person. I may say....because they popped into my head, and that is for me as good as an executive order from GOD or the Leader of a Nation.

It sounds odd but it's just me being me. a power tool. To be authentic I have learned to say to someone the first thing that pops in my head no matter how crazy it sounds initially. It for some reason turns out to be the best thing I could have said. 


Networking for Strategic Alliance Partners versus Clients turned out to be the best decision I've ever made.  It looks like this for a company I Network for in the Restoration Industry.

I could go to Networking Events and brand myself as The Water or Fire Guy or the Mold Guy. Do you want people to think of your face when they see Mold? I don't. I want people to think of the most connected guy they know no matter hat problem they encounter, because they will call me to see who I know that they could trust and count on.

By letting them overhear that I can handle those types of things, but by focusing on being the equivalent to Angies the flesh, they want to do one on one's to know who and what else I might have access to that they need to be connected to or made aware of. 

Network Marketers need to stop selling products and just talk about helping people to have more money and more time freedom.  I know I would far rather just stand up and say I am a Connector for people and companies to hyper grow their business than say...I've got magic potions to help you be healthier. 

What are you marketing....stuff, services, coaching, , etc?

.  When you network for Strategic Alliances with other Companies that have similar types of clients as you are building pipelines for MANY Transactions.  When you are networking for your next Transaction, you are going to always be having a slow stream of business without alliances.

Sales people don't bump into Opportunities, Board Positions, and Consulting Opportunities because they are too focused on their next transaction and being he brand, versus the resource.   WHAT IF. 

*  Donald Ward is an accomplished business man, consummate networker, and mentor to many...including myself.  Thank you Don!


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