October 31, 2018

Internet Of Things

By RevInfotech

In the world of today, talking about writing letters and sending postcards sounds boring and cute but if we do that digitally via phone and internet, it sounds like the part of your life. Since everything in the world is being connected through the internet, we have a lot of things of the internet which has been termed as in " Internet of Things" (IoT). The proper definition of this term is that it is network or connection of physical devices, home appliances, vehicles and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, actuators, sensors which enables these things to get connected with or sens and exchange data between each other.


Lets us take a basic example to understand this properly. Imagine that you have a nice house and you have security cameras attached in it to keep it secure and guarded when you are not there. When you go out to work, you lock your house and leave the cameras on for security. You reach your workplace and you feel the need to access the cameras to have a look at your house. You can get your phone out which is a thing and which is connected to your cameras and screens at home through the Internet and access the live video footage. If u feel the need to watch the footage that u missed which you were driving to your workplace, you can access your phone or laptop which are connected to the cameras and computers at your home and access the saved data in those devices. So this is"Internet of Things".


You must think of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) as connected home appliances, or self-driving cars, but its first implementation was actually in the sale of lipsticks. The term was coined in 1999 by British innovator, Kevin Ashton when he was working for the company Procter & Gamble. Ashton realized that sales of lipstick were being held back by the speed at which stocks could be replenished in the shops – a process that at that time relied on manual stock checks. To solve this issue, he came up with the idea of putting a sensor on lipsticks so that supplies could be replenished automatically – and the IoT was born!


Now, 18 years later, the IoT will be applied to every digital thing from fridges to traffic lights, establishing to increase efficiency across a whole range of fields and make our lives very easy. Figures from Statista estimated that there were more than 17 Billion connected devices in the world in 2017, while Business Insider Intelligence tells that there will be double that number (34bn) by the end of this decade. It looks great its way to world domination.




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