October 27, 2018

Initial Coin Offering

By RevInfotech


Everything around us getting digital these days. From education to payments, we access our needs with the flick of our hand and eyes. But the digital money has been looking quite bizarre of them all. This is due to the trending implementation of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. In 2013-2014 digital currencies enjoyed a lump sum addition of money stack in their pockets with a combined market capitalization of over $114 Billion. With this came another tycoon naming "ICO". Understanding ICO is very easy if we consider a small business who is trying to have a great start so they are looking for investors so that raise some funds from them. Now the investors will only spend their money if they could be assured that there will be either full return or some good profit also. For this, the business owner will either offer them some paid interest scheme or they will give something to the investors at the start i.e. Shares.

As cryptocurrency is a big thing now and every new start-up wants to talk about being digital so everyone wasn't to do digital marketing. This brings us to the term "ICO Marketing". So if that small business guy was going to open a big start-up in today's digital era, they can start a token or cryptocurrency of their company and give some part of it as a share or token of trust to the investors as much as they want meaning how much investors are ready to invest, they will be getting some of this token's share in return. So basically it is a marketing technique for a start-up or for the beginning or promotion of new cryptocurrencies coming in competition.



Company or start-up has a minimum requirement of funds determined in the start so they release a white paper, in the beginning, declaring how much the project is going to cost, their benefits, outcomes of the project and Benefits for the Investors.

As we are talking about cryptocurrencies so everyone gets attracted to Bitcoin and Ethereum with that Word which is why these ICO's can be exchanged with the standard cryptocurrencies in the market. The confirmed thing is ICO is going to be successful and complete if the minimum fund requirements are accomplished, but if it fails then the investors get their money back and their tokens get canceled. But the interesting question is why Investors are so keen on this deal. The first reason is that these ICO's can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency around the world Market. Secondly, for the record, the ICO's have been successful in the market and the most successful one is known to be Ethereum. So Investors are ready to be the bait.


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