October 16, 2018

Advantages of Custom Web Development

By RevInfotech

In this Hi-tech World, everyone needs an online platform to promote their business. For the promotion of the business, the basic thing required is a Website. This website will represent your business online and will engage the audience you are looking for.  The website provides your audience with a brief introduction to your business, and your audience also gets to know what you do and where you are situated.

If you are looking for a business website, then go for custom websites:

Here you will find some advantages of Custom Website:



Websites come with built-in functionality which creates a lot of problems whether you need the functionality or not you have to use the functionality. This will cause the complexity for the developers and the users and will also increase the load time of the website.

Website load time plays a crucial role in business and can result in the loss of the customer. Everyone uses mobile for surfing so the website load time should not be more than 3 seconds. If the load time will be more than 3 seconds then you might lose your customer.

The custom website will do a great help in building a website with only required functionality. In custom development, you will design the website according to your needs and will only have the desired functions. This will decrease the load time of the website.


Unique Feature:

When you are building a website through CMS, you generally have a ready-made theme to work on, you are bounded in the limited areas where you are left with no options rather than editing the theme.

Custom Website does not have any themes; as a result, you can design a website with no limitations.  This will help to promote your business through your designed website and your website will be different from others as it is custom designed. This will distinguish you from your competitors.



Websites build through CMS generally are not flexible because you are bounded between the limited features of the themes. Whereas in Custom Website the changes in the functionality can be made as there is no limitation in changing the functionality. That's why custom websites are Flexible.


Optimized Business Functionality:

Custom Websites are built according to your business need which is not possible in websites designed through CMS. As CMS Websites are bounded in limited features of the theme whereas in Custom website you can add functionality according to your business need.


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