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By the end of this decade, the world will be more deeply and digitally connected place. The estimated numbers of digital devices such as Smartphones, tablets, PC’s, smart watches and other smart equipments is expected to cross 7.5 billion by 2020. IoT Development is also expected to expedite with a 30-fold increase over 2009 with an aim to connect more than 25 million devices across the planet.

Internet of Things is a combination of

RevInfotech IOT

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Connect your things

Create the Internet of Your Own Things. Integrate your existing devices and systems with IoT backed by IoT cloud solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Internet of Things Platform connects and manages your machines effortlessly, so you can focus on your business's value adding activities

  • RevInfotech Connect your devices and Systems

    Connect your devices and systems

    Bring flexibility to your solution by connecting the devices and operating systems you already use.

  • RevInfotech Discover New Insights

    Discover new insights

    Collect and analyze your device data with real-time analytics and fully configurable dashboards

  • RevInfotech Enhance Security

    Enhance Security

    Rely on protection that combines AWS cloud security with built-in connectivity and device security features.

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Leading electronics organization are searching for ways to capitalize on the Internet of Things

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RevInfotech Remote Management RevInfotech Plant Performance Management

Let’s see how RevInfotech delivers IoT services in a number of industry categories

Digital business platform container

  • IoT Integration
  • RevInfotech Application IntegrationApplication Integration
  • RevInfotech Big Data IntegrationBig Data Integration
  • RevInfotech Cloud Service IntegrationCloud Service Integration
  • RevInfotech B2B IntegrationB2B Integration
  • RevInfotech API PortalAPI Portal
  • IoT Analytics
  • RevInfotech Visual AnalyticsVisual Analytics
  • RevInfotech Artifical IntelligenceArtifical Intelligence
  • RevInfotech Pattern DetectionPattern Detection
  • RevInfotech Adaptive DecisionAdaptive Decision Predictive Analytics
  • RevInfotech Event ProcessingEvent Processing
Edge Services
  • IoT Hub
  • RevInfotech Device connectivityDevice Connectivity
  • RevInfotech Device ManagementDevice Management
  • RevInfotech Device AgentsDevice Agents
  • RevInfotech Edge AnalyticsEdge Analytics
  • IoT Modeling & Portfolio Management
  • RevInfotech Business StrategyBusiness Strategy & Planning
  • RevInfotech Design & AnalysisDesign & Analysis
  • RevInfotech Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management

IOT Offerings

RevInfotech offers pioneering IoT solutions to leverage the lifestyle and making the Industries Digitally Smart

RevInfotech Home Consumer

Home consumer

  • Light bulbs
  • Security
  • Pet Feeding
  • Irrigation
  • smoke alarm
  • refrigerator
  • Infotainment
  • Washer/dryer
  • Stove
  • Energy monitoring
RevInfotech Transport Mobility

transport mobility

  • traffic routing
  • telematics
  • package monitoring
  • smart parking
  • insurance adjustments
  • supply chain
  • shipping
  • public transport
  • airlines
  • trains
RevInfotech Health Body

health body

  • patient care
  • elderly monitoring
  • remote diagnostic
  • equipment monitoring
  • hospital hygiene
  • bio wearables
  • food sensors
RevInfotech Industries


  • electrical distribution
  • maintenance
  • surveillance
  • signage
  • utilities / Smart grid
  • emergency services
  • waste management


Internet of Things is a technology with which you can operate your electronic devices from any remote location. Sensors are embedded in the electronic devices to make them ‘Smart’.
They can be operated via voice commands, hands free wireless operations, other human gestures etc.
All electronic things such as fitness trackers, automobiles, thermostats, lights, electric meters, unmanned aircrafts, cars etc. Virtually everything which can be attached or embedded with computer chips to attain internet connectivity becomes the part of IoT world.
We at RevInfotech make sure that all your data is safe and is not prone to any security breach. Your confidentiality is our responsibility.
All the devices in which computer chips can be attached or embedded become eligible for becoming “Smart”. These smart objects will be connected to internet and will be assigned an IP address. And thus, the data transmission starts and their sensors are controlled digitally.
It depends. A smart thermostat will give the room temperature details, a medical device (wireless ) can give information on Blood Pressure, pulse rate, body temperature etc. depending on the functionality of the device all the data can be fetched digitally.
The smart objects can be controlled via a voice recognition system or through a remote computer or wireless mode using Bluetooth or wifi connectivity.
Iot is the future of electroic devices. Researchers predict that IoT will revolutionize various sectors such as agriculture, medical, transportation, energy etc. This will overall reduce the human effort and will give a strong boost to global economies.
RevInfotech has the best technical team providing you with the best affordable, scalable and secure IoT solutions. We follow a seamless and channelized approach towards any IoT solution with well defined roadmaps and milestones. Our Team ensures timely delivery so that you get ample time to market your product.
You can easily monitor air, water soil quality. It also involves designing of warning equipments for earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc so that appropriate measures can be taken.
There are various IoT sensors used by RevInfotech. The commonly used ones are Pressure Sensors (LPS25H) , Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, proximity sensor and analog to Digital convertors.

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