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IoT Development

By the end of this decade, the world will be more deeply and digitally connected place. The estimated numbers of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, smartwatches and other smart equipment are expected to cross 7.5 billion by 2020. IoT Development is also expected to expedite with a 30-fold increase over 2009 to connect more than 25 million devices across the planet.

RevInfotech offers pioneering IoT solutions to leverage the lifestyle and making the Industries Digitally Smart.

Pool of Services we Offer

Explore our IoT marketplace to find the smart solution that serves your business needs.

Smart Homes

IoT smart living makes our lives easier, comfortable and convenient. By using IoT, you can permit any kind of device to connect to the Internet and do the desired action reliably, easily, and quickly. These devices may work alone or together with other devices for the integrated smart home experience.

Transport Mobility

IoT is the accelerating pace of innovation in the logistics and transportation industry. IoT facilitates greater transportation management capabilities and efficiency for the automotive industry. IoT technology allows fleet owners to obtain higher standards of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Smart Health and Medical

IoT in the healthcare industry makes a strong connection between patients and healthcare service providers. IoT provides the remote monitoring, keeps patients safe and healthy, and empowers physicians to deliver outstanding care.


RevInfotech provides the complete set of IoT Development services for the various industries. Once we understand your business, we develop the best IoT solution for it.


RevInfotech believes that the Internet of things could be one of the major sources for the new inventions in Biotechnology. With IoT, we can reduce the use of resources and cut costs.

Connect with IoT

Create the Internet of your Things. Integrate your existing devices and systems with IoT backed by IoT cloud solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Internet of Things platform connects and manages your machines effortlessly so you can focus on your business’s value-adding activities.

Connect Devices & Systems

Bring flexibility to your solution by connecting the devices & operating systems you already use.

Discover New Insights

Collect & analyze your device data with real-time analytics & fully configurable dashboards.

Enhance Security

Rely on the protection that combines AWS cloud security with built-in connectivity & device security features.

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Why choose us for IoT Development?

In today’s technology-driven world, everyone knows about IoT technology because of its benefits. At RevInfotech, you will find the best IoT development services which will allow you to channel data and network into the meaningful information flow. The IoT inspires machine to machine type of communication, which is used to ensure the accuracy of data and transfer of real-time data with the minimum error.


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