By the end of this decade, the world will be more deeply and intimately connected place, with an estimated 7.3 billion smartphones, tablets and PCs. And the Internet of Things(IOT) will expand at an even more rapid rate - 25 billion connected devices around the globe by 2020, a 30- fold increase over 2009.

Internet of Things is a combination of

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Connect your things

Create the Internet of Your Own Things. Integrate your existing devices and systems with IoT solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Internet of Things Platform connects and manages your machines effortlessly, so you can focus on your business's value adding activities.

  • Connect your devices and systems

    Bring flexibility to your solution by connecting the devices and operating systems you already use.

  • Discover new insights

    Collect and analyze your device data with real-time analytics and fully configurable dashboards

  • Enhance Security

    Rely on protection that combines AWS cloud security with built-in connectivity and device security features.

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Leading electronics organization are searching for ways to capitalize on the Internet of Things

Wrap your head around these use cases

Let’s see how RevInfotech delivers IoT services in a number of industry categories

Digital business platform container

  • IoT Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Big Data Integration
  • Cloud Service Integration
  • B2B Integration
  • API Portal
  • IoT Analytics
  • Visual Analytics
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Pattern Detection
  • Adaptive Decision Predictive Analytics
  • Event Processing
Edge Services
  • IoT Hub
  • Device Connectivity
  • Device Management
  • Device Agents
  • Edge Analytics
  • IoT Modeling & Portfolio Management
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Design & Analysis
  • Portfolio Management

IOT Offerings

Home consumer

  • Light bulbs
  • Security
  • Pet Feeding
  • Irrigation
  • smoke alarm
  • refrigerator
  • Infotainment
  • Washer/dryer
  • Stove
  • Energy monitoring

transport mobility

  • traffic routing
  • telematics
  • package monitoring
  • smart parking
  • insurance adjustments
  • supply chain
  • shipping
  • public transport
  • airlines
  • trains

health body

  • patient care
  • elderly monitoring
  • remote diagnostic
  • equipment monitoring
  • hospital hygiene
  • bio wearables
  • food sensors


  • electrical distribution
  • maintenance
  • surveillance
  • signage
  • utilities / Smart grid
  • emergency services
  • waste management

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