Top 11 eCommerce Websites Running on Magento 2

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The global market witnesses trends routinely, but some of them truly revolutionize the industry forever. One such venture is eCommerce, which pioneered by Amazon has changed the perception of marketing forever.


Numerous brands are investing in an eCommerce platform, but only a handful of them are experiencing some success. Why is it so? Why do so many eCommerce ideas fail? Numerous aspects account for the same, and one integral reason is the wrong choice of development platform.

The web is filled with development platforms, so it is viable for you to get confused. Magento 2 is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial alternatives for you to follow the footsteps of many successful ventures.

Numerous businesses have built an empire through Magento 2, and the blog will mention top 11 eCommerce platforms.

Best Ecommerce Platforms on Magento 2

Land Rover

Although the world primarily associates Land Rover with automobiles, their eCommerce website is also a renowned one. From clothing to travel souvenirs, the website offers it all.

They exceeded every expectation when they integrated Magento 2 into their primary website. Not only did it propose numerous gifts, it also simplified their website management, allowing them to focus on other aspects.

Helly Hansen

A big name in the clothing industry, you would expect Helly Hansen to be on every list related to trade. The platform got big on fashion items and even sells waterproof wear now.

Thanks to Magento 2, their website supports over 6 languages along with 30 different stores. Their landing page offers a diversity of options, allowing users to choose their best alternative.


You can count Graze amidst the best snack food brands globally. It is also among the few brands to start Magento 2 even during its beta phase.

They hold a unique presence on the web with a sense of efficient Magento development. Providing top-notch UX seems to be their main goal, and it looks to be working.


It’s a European brand offering hand and body care products alongside perfumes and leather items as well. Byredo also counts as the first few brands to integrate Magento, and they have worked wonders through it.

Their website is highly responsive, functional, and versatile. They are the prime example of simplicity as their website integrates this value to its very core.

Fred Perry

Another fashion wear brand on the list. Fred Perry lists as an old yet relevant brands in the industry with over 70 years of experience under its belt.

Their impeccable sense of fashion can be witnessed in both their clothing and website design.

Paul Smith

One more fashion designer from the Britain, Paul Smith has mastered the art of eCommerce. Their business site is balanced with design, symmetry, energy, and color.

They even pack a story section to connect with their customers better. Their approach is unique and this shows in every step they take.


The landing page of Brewshop oozes attraction like nothing else. Their homepage comprises everything integral but in moderation.

Magento 2 has helped them customize their site to aptly showcase their product and proceedings. You can clearly notice a change in their customer visit after shifting to Magento 2.

The Irish Store

As the name suggests, the Irish Store houses one of the best products from Ireland. They even made a gesture to help local creators and vendors get big.

They had the privilege to get the award of the best Magento 2 platform, and they have never looked back since. Their site is one of the most efficient ones while still being as diverse as possible.

Tom Dixon

Another name from Britain but this time a furniture designer. Connecting to Magento 2 has drastically modified their proceedings, helping them establish an online prestige.

The content they propose is quality and their products are simply sublime. They even innovated with a platform akin to Pinterest for showcasing their products.

Cox and Cox

One more brand from the UK makes it to the list as Cox and Cox are one of the best furniture, textile, and houseware retailers on the web. Streamlining their site with Magento 2 helped them achieve greatness they truly deserved.  

The visuals they offer are stunning, their navigation is top-notch, and the checkout process is seamless as well. The load time of their site is merely 1.3 seconds.


The sole DIY entrant on the list, Toom’s one of the best home improvement retailers hailing from Germany. With a launch over a decade ago, they have scored an impressive customer conversion rate and online presence.

Their product list is long and the filter option is the cherry on the top. Their web development team did a fantastic job of equating Magento 2 within their proceedings, and now their online stature is hardly matched. 

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