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Improving Compliance, Collaboration And Customer Service In Banking And Financial Services With IBM Product Master

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The global COVID-19 outbreak has severely affected the banking industry, so much so that major BFSI (banking and financial services industry) branches were shut down. This raised a common question in everyone’s mind; are all these branches really needed?

The question is viable as BFSI has invested heavily in technology, accounting to almost double of some major industries. Although the way customers interact with companies has changed drastically, some of the most prevalent challenges persist within the domain.

Here are some of them:

  1. Diversification is a common practice adopted by organizations; however, the more product there is, the more difficult it becomes to overview them.
  2. As more products are launched, the regulatory compliance they face is sophisticated as well.
  3. The products are consumed for different purposes like savings, mortgage, checking, annuities, retirement savings, etc. With all this, it becomes difficult for ensuring the customers and the business focus on a customer-centred view on every product.

Even with technology surging rapidly, how do these challenges pertain to haunt the industry? With the progression of technology, the complexity of data has also increased, leading to the ultimate challenge; providing the right services to the ideal public at the best time.

How IBM Product Master Delivers Hits the 5 Cs of Data

The Product Master, previously named IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaborative Edition, is a highly reliable MDM (Master Data Management) and PIM (Product Information Management.) It has been around for years, aiding numerous industries ranging from banking, healthcare, government, manufacturing, and retail.

IBM Product Master helps an organization with its three primary functions:

  • Gathering different types of information about the product like marketing, investment banking, and product development.
  • Verifying the gathered data is latest, consistent, and correct, complete, and based on the business’ data shapes, data compliance, and rules.
  • Offering the information correctly and quickly for employees and consumers in the ideal format fulfilling every need.

The Product Master acts as the one-stop solution for every BFSI company for delivering the “universal truth” on-demand, making sure the data asked is:

Real-Life Use Case of BFSI

United Kingdom Bank

A reliable bank in the UK relies on the services of IBM for helping them with the tech of Open Banking. The tech is an initiative for driving innovation within the banking industry and garnering new customers. It is akin to the renowned PSD2 initiative originated in Europe.

With the aid of Product Master, the institution easily complies with the latest Open Banking regulations without having to prepare separate data and reports.

Additionally, the process automation improves collaboration in the organization, facilitating efficiency, eradicating sub-optimal productivity caused by displacement and disarray during COVID-19.

While businesses worldwide try to achieve enhanced productivity, the Product Master ensures the institution gets the latest info catered to them in a silver platter.

Multi-National Financial Institution

One more MNC financial institution integrates IBM Master for managing their lifecycle of banking and trading their sheets’ reconciliation. The platform facilitates easy management of sophisticated industrial needs.

Moreover, it also helps share the data throughout the enterprise and the consumer base. This enhances the CX (customer experience) while also benefitting the EX (employee experience) unlocking new margin and revenue prospects for marketers via smooth trading and customer support services.

Helping BSFI’s Digitization

Cloud Infrastructure

The platform is cloud-ready decreasing the time-value conversion, enhancing efficacy, and facilitating smooth cloud migration.


A robust UI-based engine simplifies the creation and maintenance process of data without any prior scripting or coding experience.


A flexible data model makes sure the institution captures upstream data within any workable format, especially when the firm grows via acquisition.


The platform follows the GDPR guidelines reducing unnecessary risks via powerful permission features.

In-Built ML and AI

The platform incorporates IBM Watson for scanning data, integrating AI for reducing errors and risks associated with the process.


The Product Master helps speed up the product delivery process with organizations launching their products substantially quicker than the general approach.


Your growth prospects expand exponentially with the Product Master regardless of your business scale and operations.

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