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Decentralized Cloud Storage is changing the face of the Internet

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Decentralized Cloud Storage is one use case that’s growing very fast and aims to solve one of the biggest online challenges today. 

Centralization has its own uniques benefits, which include:

  • Higher speeds
  • Low latency
  • Higher availability
  • Quick throughput

But all these benefits come at the cost of severe drawbacks like data hacks and security breaches, censorships and lack of control over your data. Too much centralization also means that the governments can ban your access to any application, leaving you with no other options whatsoever.



Decentralization, in terms of technology, means that the system doesn’t rely on a central authority, it doesn’t have a single point of failure. In more technical terms, decentralization is a subset of distributed architecture where the decision making is performed independently by all the participating nodes, instead of relying on a single node. Decentralization has been around for many years, and it has more to do with governance, decision making, and control. 

When we talk about cloud storage, ‘decentralized cloud storage’ means that you can store your data, not on one single server or location, but many different nodes spread across multiple locations. These nodes are independent of each other in terms of complete authority over decision making.


Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, and its applications can be stretched out beyond just payments. These solutions can not only make the internet decentralize again, but it can also help to break ‘internet monopoly’ by making it more open, accessible, neutral, censorship-resistant, and border-less.

With the increasing incidents of data and security breaches and censorship across the globe, these decentralized cloud storage solutions and protocols can act as a saviour, pushing the boundaries of innovation even further.

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