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7 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations for 2020

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With the advancement in technology, the market is becoming more and more electronic. Every year, marketing planning gets the highest priority in the business. Being a businessman, have you ever thought about what areas you should be concentrating on? Marketing trends take a new turn quickly with time. So, keeping yourself up-to-date with digital marketing trends becomes time-consuming these days.

Here we are going to discuss the 7 digital marketing trends and innovations for 2020 that can help you to capitalize on winning in the present year.


7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Digital marketing is one of the most flexible and cost-effective strategies that can help businesses to reach their target audience quickly with a huge amount of earnings. So how exactly should you plan your marketing strategy and electronic advertising for maximum reach? You can achieve this by referring to the top marketing trends for 2020.

Voice Search

Over the past couple of years, we have been witnessing that voice search has taken a cornerstone in millions of customer households all around the world. The widespread adoption has been seen by assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It creates a unique opportunity for marketers.

Research says that about 50% of the hunts will be voice searches by the end of 2020. Individuals who are involved in running paid ads can now check the traffic coming via this prominent feature. With the occurrence of a greater share of searches through voice, marketers are required to make efforts to grasp this tech to convert their businesses into voice search results.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s no longer a secret that the agencies which are making investments in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools have been creating smart campaigns and automated bidding strategies as observed in recent years. Being a digital marketer, you should know that an enormous part of the success that you can get from PPC lies in the use of automation tools. It can become a great aid in making important decision-making frameworks. 

Video Content

From a marketing point of view, video content is the most effective digital trend to capture a greater share of your customer’s attention. Video can be presented in a variety of forms like tutorials, short videos to explain the product information perfectly.

Since human beings are visual creatures and thus they do not pay the attention to reading an entire blog post which is very time-consuming. The more the number of people engaged in your business posts for a longer time, the more will the chances of your business to rise.

SEO structured data

Another significant innovation is the SEO structured data that can increase the number of visitors on your site helping your business to have a huge amount of profit from organic efforts. 

Businesses focused on SEO can drive more click-through rates with a decrease in the bounce rates dramatically. This technical implementation of rich snippets is called structured data that is expected to become the major focus of SEO in 2020.

PPC ads for Content

Making PPC ads for your content can be one of the most strategic ideas for your business lead. You can run multiple ads on different platforms like Google, Facebook. And instead of sending visitors to your landing page to show off your product, you should do it for a piece of content. Because customers on social media are more likely to click onto a piece of content in comparison to the website landing page.


A chatbot is a software program designed to interact with customers and site visitors in a way that seems to be both natural-sounding and real-time. It can save your money to hire someone for website monitoring and visitors’ communication on an ad hoc basis.

With the growing competition in 2020, marketers are required to search for innovative methods to keep consumers engaged in their products. Chatbots are undoubtedly the best way to achieve this. 

Creative Content Engagement

Content experience means addressing the complete user experience during the user-content engagement. Creative content is a great method of setting interesting ideas before your audience. Around 91% of buyers are looking for interactive content online such as shoppable posts, polls, and quizzes. Suppose when a user clicks on the image, the price appears. Further clicking on the price takes the user to a screen with more information and options related to the item. It improves the user experience helping you to make progress in your digital business.


Final Thoughts

I hope you have a clear vision about the top digital trends to take your business to the next level by adopting the leading digital marketing strategies and innovations in 2020. Following these trends can help you to invest your precious time and resources in the right direction.


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